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message 1: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12633 comments Mod
Where do you guys get your Audio Books from?

message 2: by Claudia (new)

Claudia (claudiavstoomanybooks) | 1779 comments is my favourite because they have sales often, then, and
Or did you mean the ones we uhm ... borrow indefinitely. :P

message 3: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12633 comments Mod
Those are good suggestions, thanks!

Also looking for borrowing :P

message 4: by Mark (new)

Mark | 5 comments and have the identical (99.5%) books available, although relase dates might actually differ, for example Lee Child's Jack reacher novels are usually launched earlier on the UK site. The US website has more frequent sales and promotions, e.g. 100+ titles under $5, but the monthly subscription to the UK site is about 20% cheaper in Rand terms.

If you also buy books via the Kindle (US) store then they usually have a discount on the identical audiobook as well.

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