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robert and kristen
♥*♥* The Jokers HarleyQuinn ♥*♥* ♥*♥* The Jokers HarleyQuinn ♥*♥* Sep 08, 2012 02:45AM
i would love to see these two back together but i think it would be better if they were friends first, rob stated he loved her but doesn't trust her.

is it me or does this whole thing seem to be dragging out for longer than nessasary? why is rob dragging this out? why was kristen so public when it happened it just doesn't make sense.

a lost of people are saying its staged cause of the last movie but surly they would realize how much abuse kristen would get?

if you want to rant about this or say your opnions please do because i want to be alice right now and see into the future to find out what happens.

I hope they do get back together
I do believe that every1 is entitled to 2nd chance
And I really think every1 is being far to nasty about Kirsten it does take two to tango and rupert is much older with a wife and kids he should be getting at least what she's getting
I hope rob and Kirsten do sort it out I think they look good together :)

♥*♥* The Jokers HarleyQuinn ♥*♥* I compleatly agree with you, it takes two to tango.

see this link

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