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From JD Nixon's Facebook Page Re: Series Length

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Jeanie Jackson From JD Nixon's Facebook page Sept 3. used with her permission.

"I've been thinking a bit about my books and my future as a writer (especially now that it seems as if I'll be able to continue part-time work next year too - yay!). I'm currently thinking there will be 5 Little Town books with a separate short story at the end to wrap up the story and let you know what happens to Tess in her life. And about 7-8 Heller books, depending on how the storyline pans out. And after that - ????????? I'm still interested in Hellerette (thanks Shawn for that) and her adventures!!"
I am posting this statement twice so it will list under the Heller books and the Little Town Books.

Jo Ann Reinhold I Love JD Nixon's books and follow her on Facebook. She seems to have a great sense of humor and shows it in her writing. I just wish I knew how to help get her more exposure! I'm sure there are others would would love her books if they gave them a try!

Erin Dixon JD is slowly gaining popularity especially through the Apple I store. Heller has been included with the free books for the I phone so that has got to help. Mention her on any book blogs you belong to. Maybe someone needs to do a book 'trailer' for her would be interesting to see who would be cast as Heller....

Jodi Manthey My personal Heller is Alexander Skaaarsgard. I too follow JD Nixon on facebook. I also tell everyone I know with any form of ereader that they have to read both of her series.

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