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I honestly loved it! It was so sad, yet so addicting..

Carina I remember when I first read it I was quite young and was so upset for her - I found it very hard to believe that anyone could be treated that way. Her resilience though was remarkable and I am glad that in the end she was able to do what she wanted and not be kept under the control of her family.

Cathy Willis I love this book. I am a middle school librarian and I give this to as many students as I can and they in turn recommend it to their friends. Our school copy is well worn. I also loved Falling Leaves which tells Adeline's story into adulthood.

Miranda I really loved it also. For some reason whenever her little duckling came into the picture (I can't remember when or why) but it really moved me!

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Its really good.I loved it...its really moving too

Brittany I'm going to be studying it in english this year, so I read it over the holidays. I found it interesting, sad and also very honest. I can imagine that it would have been very hard to write about this.

Ciara I loved this book at the time of reading it and still enjoy it thoroughly.
I was ten when I read it the first time round and remember crying quite a bit throughout! I still get emotional reading it, but it's such a good book that it's worth every tear shed.

Kathy I thought it was very touching. I felt really inspired to see how successful the author ended up being after the abuse she had to face growing up.

taha Chloé天赋 Ƨнα∂σωнʋитɛяǤιяℓ ♉ wrote: "I loved this book, I read it when I was younger and it was sooo sad, I felt all teary in the eyes;(

That step-mother is a total bitch. (Mind my manners)

I don't really read peoples life-story bo..."

i totally agree with you about her step-mother =D

Stephi ♥ I loved it. I cried so, so, soooooo hard.

Patti I really enjoyed the book but some of it was a "poor little rich girl" story. Many Chinese at that time suffered much worse than she did. She may have felt unloved by her father & stepmother but she still went to elite schools, lived in a mansion, etc. I would recommend it & enjoyed reading it but at times I couldn't help thinking she should have endured real hardship before she complained so much.

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Aj Nabhi I agree with Patti - It was more like this is my 'poor me' story.

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Suge This was a great book. Really depressing and sad but an amazing read. I read it all in no time.

Dark_Magican It was OK

Amina Wise 유리 ▪ ʜɪ, ʏᴏᴜ'ʀᴇ ᴄᴜᴛᴇ ▪ wrote: "I honestly loved it! It was so sad, yet so addicting.."

This is too true! Whenever people would ask me what I thought about it I'd be like "IT WAS SO GOOD" but then I'd be "I mean it was terrible, because all of this actually happened but it was a really good book!"

Georgia It's one of them books which is so depressing yet highly addictive and you just can't leave the page not even for a moment. Throughout the book you have hope that something good is going to happen, and in this book (much to my happiness) something good did happen at the end. I think it makes me as a human have hope, that even through bad times (or a whole life time of bad things) their is always hope.

Kayla I liked this book. However, it was so sad all of the time and every once in a while there was a glimmer of happiness. I hated the stepmother and also the family for letting her duck die. I am so happy this book had a happy ending, because the Chinese Cinderella needed it

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Mai I remembered when I read this book, I felt really sorry for Adeline. And, when she wrote about the World War 2, I couldn't be really in Adeline's side because myself, I am Japanese. But anyway I think this book was really good, but the thing that happened in the book to Adeline wasn't good.

Ashley I really enjoyed this book. But the story was very emotional. This novel led me crying and wanting better for Adeline. The fact that she was thrown all across China simply because her family didn't like her, is ridiculous. I would definitely recommend this novel to someone. I couldn't put the book down! It was wonderfully written especially for a writer who knows multiple languages. There is drama, tears, and those short happy moments that are what we live for. From the first chapter, the audience can tell that Adeline was in a bad home to begin with. And her stories as she grows really gives inspiration to many people who live in similar homes.

Coalpelt I hated it

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