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Is Quirrel a Horcrux?

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I've been wondering, a part of Voldemort was living in Professor Quirrel and we know horcruxes can live in living things hence Nagini. When Quirrel crumbled, a soul/ghost/spirit thing flew from his remains. I know there was no Basilisk venom involved but... Tell me what you think!

Elizabeth Oh, that's really interesting. Good for you for thinking of that. It's been a while since I've read the books, but wasn't the Basilisk venom specifically to destroy nonliving horcruxes? I mean, Harry was a horcrux, but the part of Voldy in him was destroyed with the killing curse, and wasn't Nagini's death also poison-free?

I really don't know whether Quirrel qualifies or not, except for one thing: In order to make a horcrux, Voldy has to kill, since murder is the means of tearing his soul. When he . . . merged . . . with Quirrel, he had not yet "come back," so I don't know if he would have been able to kill someone at all. Did he even have substance or the ability to hold a wand? In Book IV, he mentions that some magic (prior to the blood, flesh, bone scene) has given him a physical form, which is how he kills the muggle in the first chapter, but I had the impression that even this primitive shape was impossible without the aid of Peter Pettigrew.

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True, true. Thanks for commenting! :)

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He wasn't. Voldemort split his heart in seven pieces. Harry, the journal, Nagini, the diadom, The Hufflepuff cup, the locket, and the ring. So no Quirrel wasn't a horcrux

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Okay, thanks! :)

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No problem

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Joanna well I don't think its as easy as that..we are relying solely on the fact that Dumbledore got it right and he inferred the 7 pieces of his soul from the memory..but was Quirrel a vessel for his soul or just a body he possessed,like he did with snakes during his 11 year exile..

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Joanna it comes back to how quirrel was destroyed..
lily's sacrificial protection could have been strong enough to destroy a horcrux..

Carina It is an interesting thought, I would have to say that no he wasn't based on the fact that he was more 'incorporeal' at that time and in order to create a Horcrux it needs to be done off the back of a murder. In the early books I never thought Voldemort physically capable of that - it is only when Pettigrew begins to assist him that he retains some physical form of his own.

Brindha Good question, i agree with Carina. In the Goblet of Fire a part of Harrys blood is involved in making Voldemort alive again, with Pettigrews help.

Elizabeth Day He sort of was for a time, because that piece of soul that Voldemort had with him all the time was put inside Quirrel's body. But when Voldemort left Quirrel and Lily's love for Harry blistered Quirrel's skin Quirrel died.

Jazzie quirrell was a horcrux because when voldemort was possesing him the part of his soul that would normally be in his body was in quirrells. i dont think that quirrell was a "normal" horcrux but because part of voldemorts soul was living in him he was (in my mind) a horcrux. and about the touching thing, harry was protected by lilys love and voldemort couldnt touch him because of that. and because voldemort was inside quirrell quirrell couldnt touch harry. (if any of that makes sense!)

Blaine I was under the impression that there was still a "main" soul, the one that was attached to Voldemort's body (hence, not a Horcrux, but the remaining, original soul). The one possessing Quirrell was that part of the soul. Not a torn piece of it, but the remaining of the original, which upon the body being destroyed but not the soul due to the Horcrux curse, went from snake to snake in exile, then worked its way to Quirrell to begin the process in the series.

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Elizabeth wrote: "Oh, that's really interesting. Good for you for thinking of that. It's been a while since I've read the books, but wasn't the Basilisk venom specifically to destroy nonliving horcruxes? I mean, ..."

Well Nagini was killed with the sword of gryffindor which only destroyed horcruxes because it had basilisk venom in it

Brindha lol. correct

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Eva according to http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Hor... :

J. K. Rowling revealed in Pottermore that Prof. Quirinus Quirrell served as a temporary Horcrux when Voldemort's soul possessed his body during Harry Potter's first year at Hogwarts. A notable difference however is that the piece of soul within Quirrell was able to exist without its container, as it abandoned Quirrell and left him to die in the Underground Chambers.
Based on this, the animals that Voldemort inhabited during his years of exile, such as rats and snakes, can also be considered as temporary Horcruxes.

Micaela I thought that Quirrell wasn't quite a Horcrux but was sharing his body with Voldemort and somehow the unicorn blood mad it possible for that to happen.

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