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message 2: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) Nicoli walked into the forest. He wanted to apologize to his 'sister' but he was also hoping he wouldn't see her, it was so calm, and he relaxed next to a tree. Hoping his power would not activate

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Arabella stormed into the forest followed closely by skeletons. She whirls around " Does it look like I want you near me right now!!" she yelled. Arabella created a carter in the ground and blasted them into it before sealing it. She sighed and slid down a tree. Holding a hand to her bleeding cheek.

message 4: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) Nicoli saw her, "are you ok? Im sorry i hurt you, do you want me to help you?" He asked, he face emotionless.

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Arabella fliched away anger in her eyes. " Im perfectly fine, thank you' she said coldly.

message 6: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) "I can heal you." Nicoli says guilt shown in Nicoli's eyes

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" Really! Give it your best shot then" she said. " It does rather hurt"

message 8: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) Nicoli gently touched her cheek, it disappeared, but the cut then appeared on his cheek

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" Nope! Im not letting you do that!" yelled Arabella. " I may have a temper but youre not bearing my woud!"

message 10: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) He let go of her, "You can not take back what I have done." His eyes shown with pain, but his face remanded emotionless as usual

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" Argh!"growled Arabella.She kicked a tree

message 12: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) "I helped you, it makes no sense why you would be mad at me?" Nicoli asked, he didn't get her logic

message 13: by thelastrevolutionary (last edited Sep 09, 2012 01:32PM) (new)

thelastrevolutionary | 78 comments Mod
" Because our my brother and your in pain. No matter how much you irritate me" she said kicking the tree again

message 14: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) "Trust me i have healed much worst." a ghost of a smile flickered across his face. "Don't worry you irritate me as well."

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" So you can show emotion!" she said seeing the slight smile

message 16: by Kit Kat (last edited Sep 09, 2012 01:39PM) (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) "da," Another ghost of a smile flickered across his face. "So who are those dead skeletons always following you around." Nicoli asked sitting down across from her

message 17: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) ((haley??? You still their?))

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(( sorry has to walk the dogs)) " Those are my guards assigned by Dad. " she replied.

message 19: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) ((thats okay!)) "You have guards? Do you not know how to defend your self, or use a sword?" Nicoli asked as he pulled out his sword long katana which was glowing purple

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Arabella scowler. " Dad never let me learn."

message 21: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) Nicoli grinned, a half smile, "Maybe i could teach you, my brother taught me in Russia, maybe i could help you so that those ridiculous guards don't have to follow you around." Nicoli's face became emotionless again

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Arabella"s face lit up! " that would be great!"

message 23: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) The half smile returned. "da, Well first you need to get a weapon." Nicoli swung his katana, directly above Arabelle's head. His eyes sparkled with excitement

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she watched the sword warily. Suddenly a sword and a pouch of knives made out of Stygian Iron appeared infort of her. It held an aura of danger and power much like Arabella herself

message 25: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) "Wow, father gives you everything you want." Nicoli growled

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" Look Im sorry "she said lifting the hevy swordher frail arms shaking. She trued to swing it but fell over.

message 27: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) Nicoli handed her his sword, it was a lot lighter, "Here, my sword is a lot lighter." He smiles cutely at her, but his smiles quickly disappears, " My brother gave it to me." He hands it to arabella

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" Its a little better. be careful with the sword though. Father gifts have been known to turn on people who their not seent to.' she said whil tseting the sword

message 29: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) "I can handle anything that the gods throw at me." he says emotionlessly as he grabs the sword.

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The sword glows red hot and starts to turn inwardky at him. Arabella screamed

message 31: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) Nicoli doesn't drop it, he can't let go. "His hands begin to burn. He grimaces but doesn't scream

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Arabella launches herself at him. She trys to get the sword out of his hands

message 33: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) NIcoli finally starts screaming in pain, but he couldn't let go of the sword, he turn the word towards himself and it begins trying to stab him.

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Arabella whipped the silver ribbon out of her hair. Immediately a silver aura surrounded her and a circlet and silver robes appered on her. She yelled a few things and thrust her hands at the sword and gripped it. It finally stopped burning. She ran over to Nicoli and kneels down next to him

message 35: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) Most of the flesh on his hands was melted, He wasn't screaming he just looked like he was in shock. He grimaced in extreme pain trying to hold in his screams

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She muttered several words and through a blast of si;ver light at his hands. It wrpped around them like smoke. It cleared to show brns halfway through the healing process and all flesh restored.

message 37: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) Nicoli shuddered, his eyes tearing up. "So I'm not the only one with...hidden talents." He grimaces

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" That you arent " Im sorry its not fixed all the way but they will heal comepletely"

message 39: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) "Its okay... its just pain." He says, "I also have special talents." Nicoli says disappearing into a shadow

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Arabella looks around surprised.

message 41: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) Nicoli appeared up in a tree that was heavily shadowed, he was cradling his hands

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" Shadow Traveler?" asked Arabella curiously.

message 43: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) "Don't tell Father." Nicoli begged finally showing emotion, "I don't want him sending any more killer swords."

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" I won't don't worry" called Arabella.

message 45: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) Nicoli looked skeptical, "But are you not father's little princess?" Nicoli asked

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" What dad doesn't know won't hurt him. If I hates you I wouldn't have fixed your hands" says Atabella.

message 47: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) "You can hate someone and do something nice for them." Nicoli said, "Besides Father already knows anyway seeing as he is a god, and all." Nicoli says sadly

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" Trust me. He's a little preoccupied right now" said Arabella. " Now will you come down! I won't bring the sword near you I cab hardly lift it.

message 49: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) Nicoli's face paled, he was afraid to see his father, but he nodded.

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" Thank you!" she says with an exasperated sigh

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