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Michele Miller (chelemybelles) | 727 comments Please read the Rules and Information before signing up for a review.

Reminder- You can only have two R2R books at a time.


Title: The Medium
Author: CJ Archer
Genre: PN, YA Romance

Seventeen year-old spirit medium Emily Chambers has a problem. Actually, she has several. As if seeing dead people isn't a big enough social disadvantage, she also has to contend with an escaped demon and a handsome ghost with a secret past. And then there's the question of her parentage. Being born an entire year after her father's death (yes, a year) and without the pale skin of other respectable English ladies, Emily is as much a mystery as the dead boy assigned to her.

Jacob Beaufort's spirit has been unable to crossover since his death. It might have something to do with the fact he was murdered. Or it might not. All he knows is, he has been assigned by the Otherworld's administrators to a girl named Emily. A girl who can see and touch him. A girl who released a shape-shifting demon into the mortal realm. Together they must send the demon back before it wreaks havoc on London. It should be a simple assignment, but they soon learn there's nothing simple when a live girl and a dead boy fall in love.

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All Due around 9/21

1 Michele
2 Marisa 4*
3 Erin
4 Jenny 3*
5 Toni 4*
6 Kim
7 Elaine
8 Tassha 5*
9 Sherry 3*
10 Juana

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Marisa | 44 comments I'd love to rate and review this please and thanks. <3

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E. (elewy) | 3 comments May I? Ekaberin at Gmail dot com

Jenny epub

Toni | 73 comments

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Kim (mimig) | 5 comments

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Seph (greenphoenix) | 4 comments Great. Kindle version please.

Tassha | 28 comments I would like to review this myself ;)

Sherry Fundin This sounds great.

Juana "Darkness" Duran this sound like a fun read, I'm in. E-mail:

Tassha | 28 comments lol sry I forgot to put my email address in my last post its

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Michele Miller (chelemybelles) | 727 comments All filled up peeps..

Tassha | 28 comments Hey guys I thought I would let you know that my review might be a little late possibly a day late, I just got done reading the 3rd book to the I am number 4 series and I've started reading this one today. My husband is in the military and he's been gone for awhile training, he comes home tomorrow and I'm wanting to spend time with him but in between that time I am reading this book and so far I'm loving it. I hope I don't get in trouble if I post my review one day late, if so please let me know cause honestly I love that I can read these books and flattered that these authors let us do this, I'm just hoping that this one time isn't going to keep me from doing this in the future. Thank you guys and I hope everyone has a safe and blessed weekend ;)

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Michele Miller (chelemybelles) | 727 comments Tassha wrote: "Hey guys I thought I would let you know that my review might be a little late possibly a day late, I just got done reading the 3rd book to the I am number 4 series and I've started reading this one..."

No Problem Tassha, enjoy time with your hubby!

Tassha | 28 comments Thank you ;)

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Sherry Fundin I have read and review The Medium. Here are the links:

Shortlink to my blog:




Thanks for the opportunity to read and review The Medium.

Marisa | 44 comments Finished. My review can be found here:

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Michele Miller (chelemybelles) | 727 comments Saza wrote: "This sounds great Id review it if its still open, sorry haven't replied in a while net been down but its fix now woot :)"

Sorry this one isnt avail anymore..I can't get another copy for this one either as it was a coupon code that has expired. Look for books that say OPEN in them.

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