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Let's Write About Rue!

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Weiting It was kind of dumb to forget my favorite kid character and what I think was the most kind and caring! Our darling delicate Rue.
Let's write about her hard past!
I start:

"Rue, wake up. Harvest time" said my mother softly in my ear. It was about 3 in the morning and it was dark.
I had to obey. "It's too dark, how will we see?" I asked. Mom sighed. "Moonlight will guide us."
The moon was light and as small shadows were created we passed several sleepy looking people.
Even babies had to come.

Renee we truged toward the fields.
"how long do we work today, mama?" i asked.
she sighed. "all day, sweetie."
my mother is a strong woman. she has been supporting us for a long time, alone. when my father was whipped to death by the peacekeepers, she took over my family. she hasn't taken a day off since.

Weiting I heard heavy breathing.
Next to me was big Thresh, his family had helped us for so long. And Thresh always liked me.
Thresh was so strong and big, when in the inside, he's sometimes suffering of asthma.
"Are you okay Thresh?" I asked.
He turned. "I'll be fine little Rue,"
Then we started harvesting. The sun got up from the hills , making our skin more burned than before.
"A GROOSLING!" suddenly someone shouted.

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The moonlight gave a slight silver glow, allowing the people of District 11 to see enough to go by.
"Mama, why must we work?" One of my younger sisters walked fast to keep up with our longer legs, her little feet going pitter-patter on the dry weeds.
"Because it is the way the Capitol wants it," My mother replied after a moment.

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas "But why must we do as they say?"
But my mother just smiled at me.

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I didn't complain as the sun bore down on us. I knew that my mother was tired as it was, and complaining would not help her.

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas When the day was almost over I hummed my four-note song and the mocking jays repeted it.

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My mouth curved upwards in a small smile. Poppy, my youngest sister, laughed in her way; an excited, high little girl laugh. Just hearing her laugh brought a smile to my mother's weary face.

Julie But she could not hold it for long. Tomorrow was reaping day, my first, and all the cares of a mother's worry were etched on her noble mahogany face.

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I noticed the smile disappear from my mother's face. "It's all right, Mama," I said gently, wrapping my thin arms around her. "Everything's gonna be all right."

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas The next day was the reaping and I was very nervous. They called the boy's name first. Thresh. No! Why him? He is my best friend! Next they call the girl's name...

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I stood in my best dress, my hands wrapped tightly around one of my sisters who stood in front of me.
"Rue ___!" They called, and I felt the blood rush to my head. My sister caught me before I could hit the ground, tears streaming silently down her face. After I recovered my balance, I walked slowly and steadily to the podium.

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas I couldn't breathe. I was gasping furiously and in the middle of the stage i burst into tears.

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My face burned a deep shade of red. The person onstage had me shake hands with Thresh, and the tears slowly came to a stop.

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas On the train I sulked a lot. I was gonna die and never see my family again... I burst into tears again

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Thresh walked in, and I quickly dried my tears on my already soiled dress. He sat beside me and looked at his hands. Thresh never was one of many words, but that didn't bother me. He was a comfort just by being there.

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas Then Thresh surprised me and talked. "I promise I won't kill you" he said and i laughed bitterly. "You'll have to if we're the last ones standing"

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He shook his head, a dark look overcoming his eyes. "No. I will not kill you, Rue. And if anyone else even tries to kill you..." His eyes narrowed.
I sighed but didn't argue. I knew that I was going to die.

((Hey, quick question, how is Rue writing this if she died?))

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas (I DUNNO BUT CONTINUE YOURE GOOD!)

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas (I DUNNO BUT CONTINUE YOURE GOOD!)

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((Okay. :) ))

"Rue," he began, then stopped. After a moment's pause, he spoke again. "Rue, you've got skills that no one else has. You can hide."
I nodded, eyes wide. "Yes, Thresh, I know... But I have no strength."

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas "I know you will win Thresh. I know you've got skills" I say

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas "I know you will win Thresh. I know you've got skills" I say

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Thresh was silent. "Rue, I have strength. The Careers, however, are in a group. I will be picked off easily."
Tears welled in my eyes, blurring my vision. "No," I whispered. "You will win!"

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas "If you die, I promise I will try to win" Thresh said

Weiting "Who are our other competitors?" I asked.
"There's a red haired girl in that District 5, looks cunning" said Thresh, he sighed, trying to remember.
"A girl and a boy from District 12, looks like they are good even though they are the poorer district."
"Can you remember their names?" I asked, he closed his eyes trying to remember.
"Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, I think" he said.
I believed him, he had a memory like an elephant!

Rachel Scheidt There was a light knock on the door, and when it opened, we got the first glimpse of our mentor.

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She was lovely, with tanned skin and big, attentive blue eyes. Her hair was long and dark, and tied back. "Hello Rue, Thresh," she said, her voice light and soft.

Weiting Thresh nodded, as I said, he was not a man of many words. "Hello" I said lightly.
"You look wonderful! Amazing characters!" she smiled.
She took a moment to examine us.
"Are you related of some sort?" she concluded. That was ridiculous, me and Thresh don't look alike-except the skin.
"No, but he's my friend" I said.
"I just know what to do with both of you! Rue, you look incredibly vulnerable and adorable-no offense, and Thresh, with those silent stares and strong personality..PERFECT!" she boomed.
I stared at Thresh and we shared the same idea..of course it applied to all Capitol people.
They were CRAZY.

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"I'm terribly sorry, I didn't mean to act so... upbeat," she apologized upon seeing our looks. "Effie is so good at it, and it makes her so likable, that I thought I'd give it a try... I'm assuming that it did not go well."
I opened my mouth, wanting to say something, but not knowing what. I just shrugged.

Weiting "Come on!" she said, "the Opening Ceremony will be starting soon! Your clothes!" she smiled.
We followed her through a silver hallway.

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I gazed in wonder at the beauty of it all. Thresh walked beside me, his mouth set in a straight line, his face hard.
A room was ahead of us, and when we walked inside I blinked. There stood a girl with the Capitol's look about her, yet different. Her short blonde hair was very spiked, and her eyes were wide and blue. They were outlined with a fine, metallic powder, giving her a shimmery look. She was thin, and quite lovely. The difference was in her smile. It was very genuine, and not at all cruel.
"Hello, my name is Vienna," she said, her voice soft and sweet.

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas I didn't like our outfits, I didn't like our ride, I didn't like our mentor and i absolutly HATED the hunger games. Of course I never said anything out loud. Thresh was always worrying about me.

Luna Belle Pris That night, we watched a taping of the entire reaping. Our mentor insisted even though I was nauseous to even see what we ,or at least I,were up against. There was a girl from district 2, Clove, who had nothing but murder and glory in her eyes. The boy next to her had huge arms, just one was as big as me!
"You can take him," I nugged Threash, grasping for optimism.
"So can you," he winked.
I smiled and leaned my head on him, falling into kind of a trance the other districts were shown.
I was so far gone with anxiety that I barely even remember watching my own face, the miserable faces of my sisters and mother as they whisked me away, that I was only brought back to life with the face of the next girl from district 12. She had to be my age. She was even my size. Then suddenly an older girl screamed in pain and shielded her. This was the Katniss Everdeen Thresh told me about. So she sacrificed herself for her sister. I couldn't help feeling a pang of envy.
Suddenly our mentor whispered in my ear, " Her. I want you to get very close to her."

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Anna These is such an adorable tribute!!!

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Olivia Anna wrote: "These is such an adorable tribute!!!"


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