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Joyce sighed and sat down on a chair as the sun started to set in the distance. He had just gone through a terrible day. Carter was unusually angry, and refused to explain himself. Carter had locked himself in the bedroom, and had shouted at everyone only to disturb him with urgent news or food. He had been expecting a letter or some such, and didn't receive it. He was frightfully angry.

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Joyce rushed to the door to open it. "Ah, Mr. Fitzpayne, I'm glad you could come. Please, come inside, have a drink and a bite to eat."

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Joyce frowned. "He has locked himself in his room. shall I take you up to his room?"

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(Don't you mean him?)
Joyce led the way up a narrow flight of stairs and knocked on a door. "Mister carter, I have a guest. It's Mister Fitzpayne, and he wants to see you. Now." The door flew open to reveal a rather ragged looking Carter. "Well, we best not keep Mister Fitzpayne waiting then, should we?" carter replied with a savage grin. Joyce noted the time, jumped, and scurried away. "So, Geoffrey, what is it this time?"

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*not a problem.*
"You're the one who came to me, Geoffrey. But come in. I need to discuss something that must not be heard by prying ears." Carter stepped back and gestured into the room.

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Carter locked the door and whirled to face Geoffrey. "There is a secret you may or may not know of. But I believe I am being spied on. By the government, no less. And they said that if I didn't receive further information from them, I was as good as dead. And know this, they didn't tell me about their network of spies. And they are after me." Carter frowned in suspicion. "You're one of them, aren't you? You're here to kill me! JOYCE, GET UP HERE!" Carter suddenly drew a gun from his pocket and stepped forward menacingly.

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Carter closed his eyes and breathed deeply. "You're right. But... it's scary. They've been spying on me for god knows how long. They suspect me of being involved in a drug selling ring. I'm not. I've been framed. They sent me a warning letter two months ago saying that if they did not contact me again soon I was a walking corpse. I locked myself in here for two reasons, for safety and so nobody was caught in the crossfire."

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