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I am a poet, God knows I know it, gonna rock your world as I show it.

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Sun rise and shine, a new day dawns
Welcome the song, forget your wrongs.
Turn to the light, smile true
Let fear wash away, just be you.

You left not to long ago.
Left me wondering where I failed.
Now you walk by and I'm not there,
So strange how well one can know a stranger.

Summary: This poem represents the way life and growing up can affect people, about the masks they put on that those they forget about can see right through. It is about two friends who were once very close but drifted apart quickly and found themselves both alone and without each other. One remains distant and cold while the other wants nothing more than her/his friend to turn and smile like they used to.

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Cards in my Hand

Turn around to catch myself off guard
Lift my hand, blank stare at the cards
Come home feelin' so full
Still tugged by and unbeatable pull
Drowning while I still breath air
I cry to keep from pulling my hair
What do I do with what I have
When I've failed so far with what I've had
Coming up from way down far
Trecking around like in molten tar
Only through the light of day
Will night's darkness be brought to full.

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Eyes so sad the burn the soul
Throat drawn tight
Don't lose control
Keep up the unending fight

Tears stinging brown eyes
Turn away
Keep hiding the lies
Hold the tears at bay

Sick to the core
I turn my back on him
Never felt this bad before
Jump off now and try to swim...

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If unto the darkness it is light to be shed
Then what is to be brought upon the light?
Is the best of things then to be read,
Or is light as is should be not what it seems?
While the beast lurks within our sight
Coiled and ready to strike
Residing safe in the weak heart of a strong man
For in the light he is seen for bravery,
Where in the dark the mask may slip and the coward is revealed

And in turn is is within the embrace of darkness we rest
Lay down weary minds, tired from pride
Let the gentle, persuading darkness caress our hidden thoughts
While we turn to what hidden hopes we do not speak
So is it to the light we trust ourselves, or the dark.
For it can never be both as light reveals what darkness would hide
In turn within darkness we may become the mold of not our own mind
Choose but one and stand in your will, become what you must to survive
But know not in the light can your darkness lie

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The Phantom (zerosummations) That is soooooo good!!!!!!
I love it!!!!!!
Ur amazing!!!!!!

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Thanks I really appreciate that... :)

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The Phantom (zerosummations) MOoore PLleeasse!!

You read my stuff so i would like more from you. But if there isn't any thats fine

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I actually lost my notebook too...

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(I do have one story poem in my math notebook.)

Darkest Hour
Precious Light, darkness sway
Take my fears far away
In the light of the morning
Struggle to find the day
Wake to silent mourning
And a broken heart that fades
This is my darkest hour
Who will stand for me
When light no longer shines
And my soul no longer sings
Phantoms follow my failures
Daemons rejoice my trials
Who will be my champion
When day becomes night
And the light fades to gray...

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The Phantom (zerosummations) This is beautiful! And trust me, as a boy I try to avoid that word, but it deserves it. Why did you not post this earlier? You're so amazing. I want to be able to write poetry like that, I can only do haiku and bardic sagas.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) If I do want to be critical though I'd say the second line sounds a bit cheesy, but the rest more than makes up for it.

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Yeah that one has been hiding in my math notebook for a while. And yeah I know the second line is cheesy but I was stuck...

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You know once, after my uncle died I wrote a six page poem... It is really confusing though it combines several differ and points of view and some old English.

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(Got a brand new one here. Kinda sketch.)

Given All

Calm the river of sorrow
Lead your fears do not borrow
Keep that head high, stand strong
When nothing is right let it be wrong
Weep among the broken
Bring voice to the unspoken
She'd light upon the lost
Give yourself, the greatest cost
Keep strength once weak and weary
Sing until the light here be
Step back and breath again
Lead them where they've always been
Come forward to the line
Stand tall for another's crime
Incline that head at the cost
Give yourself for the broken, the lost.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) It's very good. My English teacher would talk about interesting variation in rhythm but i would rather ask a question of you:
Where do you find inspiration for such magnificent and enlightening pieces?

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I couldn't answer that question in a million year I have no clue where it comes from... Haha

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(( I have some more new stuff I should be able to post soon))

message 19: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) Then your very lucky to be so self-inspired, I have to take everything from outside sources, leading to my fan-fics.
Looking forward to your new stuff.

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Cold girl, warn heart underneath
Like a sad song playing on repeat
Sweet smile hides the pain inside
Traveling along on the relentless ride
She walks along in the hallway
Nobody hears what she won't say
No one cares to know the real her
The lasting silence making her unsure
She stands strong, holding to her ground
Stands firm, won't make a sound
They don't know what they're missing
She doesn't speak when they don't listen...


Feelings pushed deep inside
I can't think the things I hide
Shrink away from the growing darkness
How much longer can I take this?

Hidden thoughts I push away
Secret dreams kept at bay
Creeping shadows choke the light
A soul within a never ending night.

Glowing dimly encased in Death
Finding peace in a final breath
Numb outside that's seeping in
Drowning in the dying din.

Blinking out a crying light
Letting comfort the eternal night.

((FYI the second one isn't exactly what it seems like, you have to look really deep for the true story.))

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