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religion > Catholic Bishop Found Guilty of Sex Scandal Cover Up

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Bishop Robert Finn was found guilty on one misdemeanor count of failing to report suspected child abuse Thursday in Kansas City, Missouri. Bishop Finn is the highest ranking U.S. Catholic official convicted in a sex abuse scandal.

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Naomi V (naomi_v) | 432 comments i've read about this case in other places:

why did the computer repair shop call the church instead of the police when they discovered the child porn on the priest's computer? no matter how hard i try, i do not understand that. if there was child porn on your computer, would they call your boss? or would they call the police?

and would any other 'ordinary' person, in the same circumstances, get the lenient sentence that the bishop got? he was subject to a one-year prison sentence, but got probation (and his record will be expunged if he isn't arrested in the meantime!) once more, i'm incredulous that our justice system handles the religious with kid gloves, when they should receive at least the same treatment as others (if not harsher, since they're supposed to be the arbiters of "morality.")

(can you tell that this kind of thing really pushes my buttons?) (rant ended)

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Ricardo | 56 comments It is a terrible news. it is supposed that we live in democracy, where everyone has the same rights and duties. The worse is that these kind of cases are mre frequent each time.

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