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Glimmer's Past

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Weiting Like the Foxface and Cato thing.
Continue her past...
I start:

"You look so beautiful my dear!" exclaimed my mother.
I looked at myself on the mirrow, then I looked at my mother. She said I was beautiful. She's just 20 times prettier than I am! But there is something tiring and depressing behind her smile.
Dark circles were under her eyes.
"Mom you look tired" I said. She laughed.
"No Glimmer, I was just making some extra jewels for some extra money, it was nothing" she said. But she yawned.

Weiting My brother Handsome got up, I'm scared because he's 15.
He could participate in the Hunger Games.

Brittany I shook the nerves away. He would be safe, someone would volunteer. One of the eighteen year old, determined to have their names in lights. The fools. I was going to win for sure. I had been training since I was six years old for this and my talent was impossible not to see. I was fast, strong and extremely athletic. What could I say? It was my game to lose.

Tabitha Although Handsome hadn't been training as much as I had, I think he could still win. Today is reaping day and I am so nervous. After breakfast I went outside to tend to the animals.

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