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Cato's Past

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Weiting Like the Foxface thing.
Just continue!
I start:

I could smell rotten flesh, and fresh blood. Just fresh blood. I held my spear high in the air.

Rachel Scheidt Twenty other people from my disrict lay on the floor, scattered throughout the practice field. Some were moaning for help, others lay silent and unmoving.

Weiting I laughed. Triumph and glory, that was what dad always said. Tomorrow were the 74 Hunger Games, and I had to get going with practice.
"Good Cato, but be better next time" mumbled my father.
I was dissapointed, but I did not show it.
I have done better than everybody else.
Is he not proud of me?
Then someone pokes me on the shoulder.

Brittany I turn quickly, weapon raised. I then relax and smile casually at the girl standing before me. She was young and small for her age, but the way she held herself, you knew she was going to be a fighter. In her hand she held a note from the Academy. I was their star pupil and they had nominated me to volunteer for the annual Hunger Games, an honor that was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Literally.

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cato is a super hot jerk....i love him lots

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