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Juliette- contains spoilers
Cathy Cathy Sep 07, 2012 04:56PM
Ok, I'm almost finished the book, but I wanted to backtrack on the topic of Juliette. Why did Matthew seem so defenseless against her? I know she was made to be his perfect assassin or something to that effect, but he didn't even get a single blow in. He's supposed to be this all powerful knight who has been in battles for over a thousand years, but it seemed like he just stood there paralyzed in fear. Maybe he was trying to draw the attention away from Diana, but you would think he would try and fight back to protect her.

It was weird that he ended up not even fighting and Diana had to do it all. I agree it made Matthew drop down a few notches in my mind.

Also, I believe Matthew thought she was dead. I think that was part of the issue with his being frozen. I think he also cared about her a little bit, like he maybe even used to love her. He probably didn't want to believe that he would have to kill her...
I actually thought it was a good thing, because it forced Dianna to use her powers to fend for herself and someone she loved, rather than being helpless, and it let us see a more vulnerable side to Matthew.

I'm sure if my memory serves me right, Matthew mentions in the book he was connected with Juliette in many ways, could fighting back have affected him in some way?? I hope the second book does explain it a little more, but like so many of you have said here, it gave Diana the chance to showcase her hidden abilities and to also make the pact with the Goddess, which is apparent will come back and bite her on the butt at some point in the next couple of books!! :)

I kind of thought a seasoned soldier would have taken her out quickly, not let her have a chance to get in the first blow. But I'd have to go back and reread that section to be sure about it.

In Shadow of Night there is a theme about Matthew being different in different periods. Where he had formerly been a soldier, later a spy, in the present he is a scientist. Different aspects of his personality dominate in different times. Maybe in this scene he lost a second by having to switch gears.

Cathy I haven't had a chance to read the second book yet. Maybe the author will address this question at some point because other people I've talked to have ...more
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Very good question! i agree with Stephanie. What was running through my mind as he was dying was that he had considered death already as a solution to their problem. He continued on to tell Diana that things now were going to be OK. Obviously he knew Juliet was from the congregation and in my opinion, besides the shock of seeing her, he knew if he died Diana would be safe from everything. Well at least that's what i got as to why he was dying so easily (since i believe Matthew was a striking image of Edwards and that's what he would do) but as far as the book goes then yeah she the author just needed to give Diana a reason to show her real powers.

I think that Matthew was in shock because he hadn't seen Juliette in so long. He just hesitated for a second and then Diana had to take care of the damage.

I think that even if Matthew is a soldier to his core, often we are defenseless against the ones we have cared about for so long. I think to Stephanie's point, it also allowed Diane to step up. If they are going to be in it for the long haul, both parties would need to be certain the other could defend themselves and each other.

Cathy wrote: "Ok, I'm almost finished the book, but I wanted to backtrack on the topic of Juliette. Why did Matthew seem so defenseless against her? I know she was made to be his perfect assassin or something t..."

okay i understand where your coming from but you really understand after you finsh the book then read through it agian. truth is matthew was afraid but not for that reason

But Matthew was severly injured in this battle was he not??? Diana had to promise something to the goddess for him to survive.

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