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If you killed yourself, would you want people to know why?
Victoria Victoria Sep 07, 2012 04:49PM
I would. I wouldn't want people to wonder day and night why I killed myself.

Yes, and I believe most people do, hence that many people leave suicide notes. If I ever did kill myself, I would leave a note to put my family and friend's thoughts to rest. I wouldn't want them to suffer every night trying to figure out why I did end my life.

No. because if it comes to a point that i would kill myself, it only meant that i hate everyone and the world. so what's the point bothering them? just to make them talk about me? like Hannah Baker did?

I would want people to know why but I would want everyone to know so the problem that where there could be sorted out so it didn't happen to anyone else !!

Lia you are very idealistic
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Sure, otherwise what would be the point?

Nicole D. (last edited Sep 07, 2012 05:09PM ) Sep 07, 2012 05:08PM   0 votes
Yes.I would that is why when I did plan my suicide(thank the Lord I got help and didn't do it)I wrote my will and was going to write a note telling my family why.How I just couldn't take life anymore and loved them and goodbye.

If you are thinking of killing yourself please tell someone and get help.It gets better.You may not believe me but it does.

Yes. Except there is no main reason. A series of events had lead me to finally do it. I would want them to know in detail, but would someone really listen? And killing myself would make it my fault, would it? Even if some people contributed to that emotion or draw, it was my choice. People can be so full of themselves sometimes, and when I'll tell them they've contributed to my giving in, that might destroy them and it scares me. So if I do, I'm going to put it in full detail, all leading up to me as the sole problem.

Yes i would want to the people who bully me to know that it was their fault and that they should feel guilty about it.

Yes, because it would leave the people I love in sorrow and agony if I did it in the first place. And second, because if you don't, then what's the point?

lily (last edited Feb 11, 2015 06:03PM ) Feb 11, 2015 06:02PM   0 votes
Personally, it really depends on the situation. It depends who I was at the time and who the people I was around (a.k.a friends, relationship, or family...). Also, it depends on why I killed myself. If I was having some serious issues, I would talk to someone and not keep everything bundled up. I know for sure that I wouldn't send a bunch of tapes blaming people, that would just make it worse. I would have talked to people who knew me well and knew what I was going through. So, if I did kill myself, people (not just random people, close family, friends, a doctor/school counselor.) would know why.
I know that I would never kill myself, but if I did, I would maybe write a personal letter (to all of my friends, family.... etc) explaining why I did it and how they impacted my life in a POSITIVE way.
I wouldn't want the people around me to get more upset, so I would hope that people closest to me knew what was going on and got me help-or I got myself help- before it was too late.


Ferra (last edited Sep 22, 2012 03:08AM ) Sep 22, 2012 02:58AM   0 votes
Well,I would tell them why but I would't blame them for it like Hannah did O.o If I were to commit suicide because of what other people did to me,it would be still my fault for my death because at the end of the day,its my decision to end it and not theirs.Instead of talking to someone about my problems,taking advises,laugh it off and get over it (What Hannah Baker should have done),I let what others do to me affect me so there's only myself to blame if I did kill myself :/

Yeah I would want people to know.

I would want people to know but probably won't leave a note.

Yes, i would want people to know because i don't want to leave anyone close to me keep wondering their rest of their lives why i did it

I think most people would, just because of somewhat selfish reasons. People would wonder why you committed suicide, but not for too long. If you wrote a note, it would become more important in the community and make an impact, something every human wants in life. And in the end, people don't want to be forgotten after death.


I would, how would your family cope not knowing what to blame for your death?

Most people actually don't leave notes.

"Myth: All true suicides leave a suicide note.

Fact: No, in fact a surprising number of people who complete suicide do not leave suicide notes. According to Canadian researcher Dr. A. Leenaars, who has extensively studied suicide notes, the percentage of those who leave notes varies from 12 to 37% percent."

I think it's important for people to know about why you killed yourself because it is definitely something dramatic. Sometimes, the reason is personal, and sometimes not. Still, you need to get the word out and teach people what NOT to do...

Either way, it's both forever torture and torment to the loved ones left behind....if you don't leave the note they always have that unanswered "why"??? "Was it something I did or didn't do? Could I have somehow stopped or prevented it?" hanging over their head everyday eating away a them, or you leave a note and the words haunt them forever, on an endless loop....

Yes,I wouldn't want leaving anyone thinking it was their fault if it wasn't.

Yes it's important and could potentially help them fix a problem if there is one and save someone else from doing it

Yes, if you ever felt so bad that you wanted to kill yourself, I think your family at least, deserves to know why.

I'd leave a reason, but I'd never blame anybody. I couldn't put my family or friends through that, so I'd say something about how it was a personal choice that I had to make, and that I had chosen my path.

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Maya Weisman I agree to that. I wouldn't want my friends and family to have to live knowing they played a part in my suicide. ...more
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