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If you were about to die, would you keep or get rid of your baby?
Victoria Victoria Sep 07, 2012 04:45PM
I would keep it. I am a risk taker. I already fell in love with a vampire, had a baby, and experienced high school. I would let my baby do the same.

Until you have to make the terrible choice to terminate a pregnancy because it will likely cause your death, it is impossible to make that decision with any degree of true understanding of the gravity of the situation. It is the worst decision to make.

When something is wrong inside, I just think it's best to do what is most beneficial for the mother.

Bella's stubbornness was overdone and ridiculously dangerous. And, in the end, she died anyway. Unlike real life, though, we don't get the choice to be turned into immortals.

Difficult question but it all comes down to personal, religious and medical opinion. I'll boil it down to two choices: if I'm thinking practically, then the mother lives. If I'm thinking emotionally, the child lives. Ultimately, the health of the mother comes first. The mother can have another child but the child will never have a biological mother.
Also depends on how far the pregnancy is, too.

In my eyes, people are forgetting about the effect that this might have on the child when they grow up. Not only are they losing a parent (perhaps two if the father can't deal with the grief) but they will never have any memories of their mother. The child themselves may even feel that they are the cause of their mother's death.
The death of the mother will cause grief to their close friends, family and colleagues. The death of a child will cause grief to close family. (Friends usually feel empathy, not grief.)

In terms of Twilight, I'm not sure. If I was Bella, would I want my child to grow up in such a dangerous world with one parent to look after them? I'm not sure I would. It's all about the circumstances.

People think situations like these in real life are black and white. They're not. It's down to the individual.

Izzy Agreed. To be honest, it's difficult to answer this question because there are too many factors to consider. There's no doubt about it that giving up ...more
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Seeing as how I couldn't have the baby, I'll speak from Edward's point-of-view. I'd do everything in my power to convince the mother to get rid of it. I would not in any way risk her life for a child.

I don't think anyone would truly know what they would do til they're in the situation. It's a delicate one. :)

I would keep it ... my babies life is way more important then my own, i created it so why would i give it up? i mean they deserve life.

Not sure !

i would keep it

If I was going to die then yes I would do what Bella did however, if some people say no then that's their choice. I also think it depends on how far along you are in the pregnancy. I don't think life begins at conception so within the first couple of weeks I would consider it but anything after three months I would just keep it and let the cards unfold how they want.

I'd keep it.

Well, I think that you can't be sure until it happens to you for real... But then,again, how easy is for a pregnant woman to make the decision to get rid of the baby that is growing inside her??? Even though I don't think that any other version of Breaking Dawn would be acceptible by me, real life is quite different!

If someone were to get rid of it than I would support their decision. But if it were me, I think I would keep him/her even if I would die.

I'm sorry but I would get rid of it. I wouldn't risk my life if I have far to much to live for.

Samantha (last edited Sep 11, 2012 11:03AM ) Sep 08, 2012 10:47AM   0 votes
I would have gotten rid of it. Terrible thing to say, but then again, I thought the whole birthing thing was outrageous. There's no actual reason for the baby to grow so fast and be so hurtful to Bella other than to create a friendship between Bella and Rosalie and put Jacob and Edward on the same side. Stephenie Meyer turned Bella into a fucking martyr for her beliefs. "Oh, abortion is a sin and you're going to hell if you do it. So my character definitely won't do the sensible thing and get rid of the baby that is going to brutally slaughter her. That would be murder." The whole book was crap and made no sense.

EDIT: I think everyone is taking this question way too seriously. The person who posted this question answered it herself, and mentioned vampires in it. This is a fantasy question related to Breaking Dawn. This is not about your miracle pregnancies and how you think abortion is wrong, or how you can’t possible know the pain of choosing abortion until you’ve been pregnant yourself. This is about Bella’s choice, so let’s leave it at that, okay?

She loved her baby so going off of the fact that I would love the baby as well I would have to keep it. As least I am allowing her to have a chance at life. Plus maybe that was my path in life. Maybe that was what I was brought into the world for was to give birth to this amazing child.

Speaking as someone who almost died giving birth, I think you don't have a clue what you are saying. You spend 9 months feeling your body change, you love that baby from the beginning, you imagine what they look like and how would they be when they are adults. You can't wait to meet him/her.
I had an eclamptic fit, which means that my blood ressure shot up and if the doctors didn't get my son out quick enough I wouldn't have made it, there was a big chance that he wouldn't have made it either. After 6 years I am still glad that I made the right choice.
you wouldn't know until you are pregnant, you love your baby more than live itself.

Victoria wrote: "I would keep it. I am a risk taker. I already fell in love with a vampire, had a baby, and experienced high school. I would let my baby do the same."

I agree with this :)

Get rid of it

deleted user I would rather get rid of he/she. Sorry
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i would keep my baby because it is either i die and the baby doesn't or both of us die.

It depends how far along I was, when I got to about 6 months pregnant I'd say keep it but then I had to think about the son I have and being there for him. But if I had edward to turn me you know I'd keep it hahahah

I would keep it so when my baby grow older he/she remembers me what sacrifice i had made adn if they don't even remeber that's okay bc i want to be a great mama

I would keep it a child's life is so meaningful

If I was going to die anyway, I would keep it. What does it matter at this point? Don't know if you read the phrasing of the question. It would give the infant a better chance of life. It would be like if I had cancer, I am already dying so why not try to get the baby as far along as possible so your spouse or loved ones are left with a piece of you and he/she gets a chance to experience the life you are leaving behind. Your dying anyway, it's too late for you.

It amazes me how callous people can be about this issue. Essentially, when asked if you would sacrifice your child to save your own life, many people not only don't have a problem with this, but think it's the sensible thing to do. God help us when this is normal thinking.
Take it out of the pregnancy situation and imagine someone is pointing a gun at you and your 5 year old child. Wouldn't you think it was just about the most selfish thing in the world to hide behind your child?
I would.
Besides most of the time, these situations are guessing games. No one knows for sure what will happen and thanks to technology, an unborn baby is able to survive independent of the mother at an extremely young age.
I actually know of a case that the mother was told her baby would kill her and after she refused an abortion, the baby wound up fixing the problem so she didn't even need surgery for what was wrong in the first place.

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