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Foxface's Past

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Weiting Foxface is a extra character, but is one of my favorites. Have you ever wondered about her?
Did she actually have a name? Friends? Family?
Or even a boyfriend?
This is sort of like the thing of Lily Potter's Life Story I did in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
You continue to write what you think of her past following the person before you.
I'll start, Foxface's 6 years old.

The morning sun entered my face. Flies flew above me and I groaned. It had to be this way.

Elizabeth Day In a few hours was the reaping for the Sixty-Fourth Annual Hunger Games, and my older sister, age fifteen, would be entered into it. She was being put in seven times: four times because it was required, three times because she put her name in extra so we could have tesserae. I was nervous she would get put into the Hunger Games. I didn't want to lose my sister.
My mom called my name when it was time to go inside and take a bath. Everyone had to look nice for the reaping, even the people who wouldn't be in it.
(I didn't know Foxface's actual age, so I guessed she was just the same age as Katniss) :)

Weiting "This is unfair" I spat.
"Don't say that dear" said my mother. She sighed. Deep in there, I knew she'd say the same thing.
"Tie that hair of yours sweetie" said my dad. I looked at my big sister, we looked alike but she was taller.
I cried. She turned and smiled.
"Hey little sister" she said. My eyes were puffy.
"If I don't come back" she sighed.
"Just remember me sister, be brave, I will always be with you" she smiled. Now she was brave.
My parents and her called me brave. But what was I, compared to her?

Jennifer Dupriest "I know you will," I told her quietly. I didn't want her to be picked. I was young and I wasn't thinking, so I said the first thing that came into my mind, "We can hide! You don't have to show up at the reaping."
Ther was a gasp from the table and everyone stared at me. Anger and fear flashed in their eyes, "We can't do that. It would only cause us all to get killed. There's no hiding."
I ran to my room, crying. It wasn't fair. None of this was fair. Why did they all have to sarifice themselves for the Hunger Games? Why? Why?
My older sister came in, "Hey little one, don't cry. Everthing's going to be okay."
"How can you say that?" I cried out, "Aren't you scared?"
She shook her head, "We're all scared, but sometimes we have to be strong. I don't want to be scared."
"What if you get picked?" I sat up and started to rub my eyes.
"What if I don't." She sighed and pushed the loosed strands of her red hair back, "We don't know the future. We can only have hope."

Weiting Hope looked scarce at that moment. People were dying, starving on the streets. People begging for scraps or even trash. The thought was simply horrid.
"We have to go little sister" she said quietly.
I got up and we walked towards DOOM.

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