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Cait (tigercait) | 1928 comments Leigh Eddings is an author who is listed as the second author on some number of books. Exactly how many books is a little unclear:

* The author list with "sort by: popularity" says 5 works
* The author list with "sort by: average rating" says 9 works
* The author list with "sort by: title" or "sort by: original publication year" says 15 works (but it is, in fact, not the same 15)
* The author list with "sort by: number of pages" says 12 works
* And the author profile says "15 distinct works" after the author list page has been opened and "16 distinct works" after the combine editions page has been opened.

What's going on? I've seen the count on the profile page vary before, but I thought that the list page was stable....

This Is Not The Michael You're Looking For | 947 comments That's very interesting.

I know that the count on the profile page tends to vary depending on whether the last click was the "list of books" or the "combine page" because when you click on the combine page it changes the number to the number of books on the combine page, i.e., first authored books, while the full list should be all books (first or secondary authors) but I haven't played around with the sorts that much.

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