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I Crash a Big Party

It all started one day at my university, The Brooklyn University for Cold Kids (or as my friends and I call it, BUCK). Now this university is not as big as you think. It's a building a little smaller than a football field. The entrance to the school is flanked by limestone pillars, two on each side. I think it sort of looks like the Lincoln Memorial. My mom says I look like Michal Jackson but I do not. I have black hair about 2 inches, deep blue eyes, pale skin, I must be the skinniest guy in the world, thankfully I don’t need glasses, I’m not that strong but… oh never mind I will save you the pity of me telling that story to you.

I ran into the university at full speed. "Late again," I said to myself. I turned a corner and sprinted into my first class. I arrived at the class room just to be greeted by the teacher hitting my head. "Ouch!" I said. "Late again, Mr. Sheer." I opened my books, saying, "I know. I'll try to do better."

Everyone’s eyes turned to me. "Oh someone’s in twouble," Alfred, the school bully, said. Alfred is... how I put it, a big guy. He wears black, punk style clothes, has deep black eyes, frizzy red hair, and black pants that have holes in them. "We're going to have a little talk after school," he mouthed. I gulped.

The teacher walked back to the podium and looked to the class. "Can anyone tell me how to kill a garnitor?"

Alfred raised his hand. "Oh! Me! Me!"

"Yes Alfred?"

"You have to hit it in a certain set of weak points to weaken it," he said.

“And can you tell me what those are, in order?" she asked.

"Back, right arm, stomach, and then... cut its head off,” he said.

I couldn't believe I was hearing this. Alfred was the most stupid boy in class! How could he have answered correctly? "Good Alfred," she said, as the bell rang.

"Yes!" I said, jumping up out of my seat,

"Mr. Hawk," Miss Patra said.

"Yes?" I asked.

"I would like you to come to a party that the school's having for the last day of school," she said.

I wanted to say 'No thanks. Get out of my hair', but something didn't sound right about that "Sure. What time?" I asked, as she handed me a card. I read it. It said:

Time: 2:00 o'clock in the evening.
Date: Tuesday, June 8.
We will be having: A good time.

After I read it, I wondered why it didn't say what they were having, but I didn't care, until later. "Okay. I'll make sure to come." I started to walk out.

I was about to walk out when Alfred came up to me in the hallway. "Since it's the last day of school, I'm going to only take your money. So, fork over the cash," he demanded.

"Sorry, but I don't have any with me."

Alfred pulled me up by the collar. "Give me money, or you get in a whole lot of pain."

"I don't have any." He was getting ready to punch me when he just stopped and walked away as if in a trance. ‘Okay, that was weird. What just happened?’ I asked myself. I ran out before Alfred could catch up to me and pulverize me.

I sprinted out of the school and got into a taxi. “Grove Street," I ordered. The taxi raced to my mom’s house in down-town Brooklyn. When I arrived at my mom’s apartment , I stepped out and handed the taxi guy five dollars.

I walked to the front door and knocked. "Who is it?" My mom called.

“It’s Cole, mom. School’s out." I opened the door.

I walked in to find Mom making a fresh batch of cookies "Ben!" she said, hugging me. My mom is the most beautiful lady on earth (or to me, at least). She has blond hair, freckles on her face, pale skin, and she usually has one strand of her hair dyed with bright colors. She was wearing a red hoodie and black pants. "I baked you some cookies for the end of school!" she said.

"Thanks, Mom," I said. I walked up to my room, which was very small. My room was about five yards long, with a bed in a far corner of the room and a little desk in the corner near the door. I walked in and set my laptop down on my desk.

"Ah it's good to be home.” I walked down stairs.

"Hi honey." I walked over to the table and sat down. She gave me two cookies. I ate them as fast as she gave them to me.

"Delicious," I complimented.

"Good," Mom said. "Oh! And I wanted to talk to you about something."

"What is it?" I asked.

"Well... I wanted to sign you up for a summer camp but I wanted to let you decide before I do it. Would you want to?”

"Uh could I think about it over night?" I asked.

"Sure honey."

I walked up to my room and lay down on my bed. I open my notebook. I write:

“I got killed by Alfred. I almost got killed by him, but something weird happened. Point is… I'm not dead (I’m very thankful).

Miss Patra smacked me in the head.

I got out of school alive.

I'm invited to a party tomorrow (Which I'm a little skeptical about).”

I closed my notebook and tried to fall asleep.
I was in a big coliseum with gold seats sort of like a football field (if football fields existed a thousand years ago). There were gates, sort of like a prison that must have held something that I'd have to face. I looked more closely on the chairs. They weren’t gold. They were on fire!

I realized that I was dressed in a tunic of some kind white, and feel kind of good, fabric. I had a golden sword in my hand. The gates started to open, and a giant mutt, the size of a house, came out. Its teeth were as big as a lamp post. Its eyes were red as blood. It was snarling at me.

It lunged toward me. I jumped out of its way, just barely and got a gash on my arm. I cried out in pain. It lunged again, but I didn't have the strength to jump. It was about to kill me when I woke up in a cold sweat.


I got changed into a black T-shirt and gym shorts. I walked down stairs. "Hey! Mom," I called.

"Yes," she said, walking to the table.

"I've decided whether I wanted to go to the summer camp or not. I want to go.”

“Good. I signed you up last night because I thought you liked to do that kind of stuff,” she said.

“Okay, when do I leave?" I asked.

"Tomorrow," She answered.

I walked to the fridge and grabbed a milk jug. I poured some milk in a glass and started drinking it. "And mom?"


"My teacher invited me to an end-of-school party. Can I go?"

Mom thought about it for a minute. "I don't trust her. I'll let you go. Only… if it gets out of control, you will leave. Promise?"

"Okay. I promise."

I walked out of the apartment with my mom. We got in our car. It was an Impala LT, black, with black leather. She drove me to the academy, which looked like it had gotten a makeover. It had pink streamers wrapped around the columns and confetti on the side walk. Mom parked in the parking lot and I got out of the car. "Bye I'll get you in two hours," she said, driving off. I walked up to the door but before I knocked, Miss Patra had opened the door. "You’re late again. It’s 2:01.” I couldn't tell if she was joking but I stepped inside. We walked into the gym which had about twenty kids my age dancing on a dance floor with the disco ball going. The music was “Hot ‘n’ Cold” by Katy Perry. About five kids were sitting on the bleachers, which was where I was going to sit. I walked over to the bleachers and sat on the lowest bleacher. I looked around. A guy and a girl where talking. In the corner, two guys where wrestling each other, which looked pretty fun. Before I did anything, Miss Patra got up and walked to the middle of the gym. The music stopped, the disco ball stopped, everyone went back to the bleachers. "Thank you all for coming," she announced. "We will have a basketball match. Whoever wins gets a golden sword." Only two people, me, who surprised even me, and my favorite person (not), Alfred, went for the tournament. I was about to sit down, when Alfred gave me a raspberry. I walked into the center of the gym. So did Alfred. We shook hands, and Miss Patra threw me the ball. I grabbed it and I started.

I ran and dunked the first ball easily, which seemed a little weird. Alfred grabbed the ball and ran for the goal. “No!” I thought. But while he was in mid-air, he fell to the ground with a 'thud'. I grabbed the ball and dunked it three times before the bell rang. I walked over to where the golden sword was and I took it. "It's actual gold," I said.

"Yes it is," Miss Patra said.

I walked to the bleachers and looked at the sword. Miss Patra started transforming into the monster from my dream. "What the heck?!" I exclaimed, backing away from it, or her, or whatever she was now.

"Cole Hawk, you will die!"

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I Meet War Itself

The dog lunged at me. I dodged right in time but my arm got cut up pretty bad.

"Cole Matthew Hawk you have been a thorn in our side," she said, "Well no more; you will be exterminated."
"I haven't done anything. I only went to the principal’s office 15 times and, got detention 10 times."
"Not that you stinking idiot."

The monster lunged at me; this time it hit me strait in the chest. I fell back and crashed into some bleachers. Then I remembered the sword in my hand. I took the sword and sliced open a gash in its leg. The monster spit lightning at me, "WO!" I ducked out of the way as the lightning burned a hole in the bleachers. It shot again, it hit me directly in the chest, but, the lightning seemed to go over me.

How do I describe it? It felt warm like sitting in front of a fire but at the same time cold.

"No you can't be!" it screeched, "No matter. I will kill you!"

She shot flames at me but before they reached me Alfred punched the dog and made it slam into the floor, denting it. "How…uh…I...uh."

"Come on lets go," he said.

We ran out of the building. I ran just in time to see my mom’s car pull up to the parking lot.

"Hey mom."

"Hey is this your friend?"


"Ok come on in."

We ride back to our house and, I and Alfred run to my room.

"What was that!?" I say.

"Well for one the monster was a Droyo. It is a monster that only comes around to kill really powerful mortals."

"So I'm powerful?"


“And what do you mean by mortal?” I say, “And how did that thing find me?”

“Well for question one there are mortals, beasts, monsters, and then there are powerful mortals,” He said, “It must have scented you and, tried to kill you.”

“That’s really reassuring,” I said, “So what can I do?”

“Don’t know yet.”

“Oh great thanks a lot.”

Just then my mom called us “Come on, time for dinner.” “Coming,” I said opening the door and walking down the stairs with Alfred walking behind me.

We arrive at the table which is a cedar table, round, and shiny (Because my mom polishes it like every other day.) We sit down at the table and my mom serves us sandwiches.

Mine had my favorite on it: turkey, roast beef, tomato, pickles. Alfred’s had lettuce, tomato, cheese, and mustard.

“Are you vegetarian?” I ask.

“Uh why do you need to know?”
“Oh just wondering.”

I and Alfred ate our sandwiches. Something strange happened; the flowers in the apartment started to wilt, the light dimmed, and the color seemed to go a little dull. There was a knock on the door. My mom went over to the door. "DON'T OPEN THE DOOR!" Alfred yelled with a mouth full of sandwich but it was too late. She opened it and she fell down on the floor, her eyes where glowing white, and she was shaking. A man came in the house, "Cole Matthew Hawk?" He called in an Austrian accent.

He was a black guy about 7 feet, he had a black coat on so you couldn't see his hair, and his eyes kept flickering between green and black. I ran to my mom. I was freaking out now I understood what Alfred had said about powerful mortals attracting unwanted attention, “Hey Tyr what up?” Alfred said, sarcastically. Tyr walked to me “Are you Benjamin Sheer?” I nodded. Tyr walked to the door and motioned for me to follow. I followed him to the door and Alfred walked behind me. We walked to a car that looked like it had been rusted over 12 times; it was black with a retractable hood it was so dinky I couldn’t tell what it was. We walk over to the car “Get in,” Tyr commanded, “And don’t worry Cole your mother will be ok.” Alfred and I hoped into the back seat and Tyr hopped into the driver’s seat. We ride to the Brooklyn Bridge when Tyr finally says “You have failed getting Cole to camp Midguard so I have been sent by the camp to get him and...” He was cut off because a monster the size of a race car slammed into the car. It leaped on top of our car and ripped open the top of the car. The monster was the most hideous thing I had ever saw its mom would probably had said ‘Oh this thing is ugly get it away from me!’ its face was human its nose was twisted in the wrong direction. Its head was bald and that wasn’t the half ugliest part its skin was puke green its biceps where as big as a lamp post the most weirdest part was he had two faces on the side of his head. He had some armor but I couldn’t tell what it was from. It had six legs all of them had battle armor on it. Tyr got out of the car and saw the monster “Alfred get Cole to Midguard. Tell Hazel Cole’s undecided” Tyr commanded. He started attacking the monster. Alfred and I ran like never before. Hopefully Tyr could hold that monster till we go to this Camp Midguard. I now know what my mom was going to send me to. We ran till we found a scooter shop at the end of the bridge. We ran in and Alfred asked to use a scooter. The clerk immediately said sure. The clerk handed us a key and we ran to a scooter and hopped on. Alfred runs onto the head of the scooter and puts on the drivers helmet, I got on the back and hanged onto Alfred. Alfred started up the engine as we took off.

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