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How graphic is the content?
Ericka Scott Nelson Ericka Sep 07, 2012 02:50PM
Hi everyone,
I'm considering teaching this book in a college freshman writing class. I'm starting my own read-through at present, but I was wondering, from those who have already read it, how graphic is the homosexual content? Is it gratuitous? The school I teach at is a Christian liberal arts college, so it's not that the material is off the table, just that it has to be handled with care, I guess. My students are on average 18 and many have been relatively sheltered before coming to college. I am interested in using the book but I don't want students or parents to flip out. Thanks for any thoughts (as well as any thoughts on the book beyond the sexual content)!

I don't recall any description of homosexual activity of a physical nature. The topic arises fairly briefly as a general identity issue that the subject has to deal with himself, and with his parents, who experience some adjustment/acceptance problems, but have come to terms with it -- reasonably -- by the time the book was written. It's far from the subject of the book. Unless the mere issue itself is highly confrontational for a reader, I think dumpster diving is apt to be more "graphic" and confrontational for the average reader. It's certainly discussed more.

It only briefly mentions it. It could easily be skipped over if not reading word for word.

Yeah, it is a minor thing. I think the author is kind of asexual really, so the point is ancillary at best.

His parents were extreme fundamentalists and he rejected their beliefs, so that might set off alarms for your students. IMHO that might be a good idea, but not what you are looking for.

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