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Giulia Devon trotted out with Colin on his back.

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Lucy climbs the fence and sits on the top rail. She watches them move smoothly as one.

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Giulia Devon pulled some dressage tricks in a show offish manner, making Colin pointed to him and make crazy eyes.

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Lucy laughs and covers her mouth. "I think he's more of a show off than Ash." She calls.

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Giulia "You might find that he is." he snickered.

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Lucy smiles, "Wait is he a stallion?" she asks.

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Giulia "Yes. I know at this point he should be a gelding but I never got around to doing it so." he shrugged nonchalantly.

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"Can't take away his manlyhood." She teases and gently swings her legs against the railing.

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Giulia "But he can get feisty otherwise. I mean, this is just calm Devon."

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"True but all horses can get feisty, gelding, stallion, or mare." She points out and shrugs.

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Giulia "I think he's had enough surgeries this year though." Colin leaned forwards and looked down at the strapped cannon, sighing.

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Lucy nods, "You should have seen Ash when I first started taking care of him." She says softly and shakes her head. "It was horrible."

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Giulia "What did you have to do?" there was a softness in his voice.

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"He had a fractured bone and cuts all over his body. His coat was filthy and matted. Long from the winter and with no way to get it off or someone brushing him it became greasy and I could literally pull off clumps of hair from it. I have to just cut his whole mane and tail basically off because I wouldn't get through the matts and then you could see almost all his bones." Lucy looks down, "he was a skeleton with a coat." A tear slides down Lucy's face and she rubs it away. "The only thing keeping him alive I'm pretty sure was his stubborness. No matter how much pain he was in he didn't want to die. Far from it."

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Giulia Colin rode up by her, and touched her hand gently "and of course from your care." he smiled.

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Lucy shakes her head. "That was after I found him. I didn't even know if I was going to be able to help. He wouldn't let me near him for almost a month so one day I was so scared for him that I left a small amount of food for him after I left. When I came back it was gone so I starts leaving food for him."

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Giulia "And look how well he turned out. It's really quite an amazing story." he grinned.

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Lucy smiles. She squeezes his hand softly and nods, "yea now he is spoiled."

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Giulia "He and Devon should get along fine then." he giggled and as if Devon heard him, he snorted and darted off.

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Lucy laughs and brightens. "Oh I don't know..Ash isn't used to haring the spot light" She admits.

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Giulia "That's right. Devon obviously can't even share it with a human." he giggled, calming the stallion down.

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"Well he seems to share it with you just fine." She says softly and watches Devon.

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Giulia "I'm afraid I'm not the one in the spotlight." he shrugged, bringing Devon over to the railing where he dismounted onto the fence and sat next to Lucy.

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"What do you mean?" raising an eyebrow Lucy frowns in confusion.

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Giulia "I mean, Devon's always held it. I'm not one to be in it." he shrugged.

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"Yea, makes sense. Humans are like the backstage on a set. You don't see them but they do way more than you think." She says thinking.

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Giulia "I like that reference. Sounds like a drama student." he smiled broadly.

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Nodding Lucy smiles, "Yea I guess it does." She says and shrugs, "I like anologies." Hopping off the fence she smiles, "ok I have to go to the trailer and finish unpacking his stuff."

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Giulia "Sure. I'll see you around?" he stroked Devon's head, smiling and waving.

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Lucy nods, "Probably considering were at the same barn." She says and waves.

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Giulia Colin then trotted Devon back into his stall.

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Miquaelia (horselover15) | 10 comments Amy enters the arena walking Lee by the leadrope. Amy always lef the halter and leadrope on her horses incase something happened and hates the idea of riding horses into and out of Arenas. You work the horse in the arena's. The rest os relaxing unless your out on a trail.
As Amy walks in she runs into Melanie. She seemed very happy but Alpha was holding his head sideways. Amy ties her horse to the fence and walks over to where Alpha and Melanie are standing.
'Is your horse ok? he is holding his head funny. Or is that just his personality?'

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Miquaelia (horselover15) | 10 comments When Melanie doesn't reply, Amy walks back to Lee and climbs up.
'I think we will go on a trail today boy. See who we meet and come back later when the arena is empty'

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Miquaelia (horselover15) | 10 comments 'Oh thats good. My friends horse used to do that and had to be but down... I hope you dont have to do the same.'
Amy Climbs up onto Finn Lee.
'Did you want to ride together? like go on a tail or something? I dont know my way around here that well'

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Miquaelia (horselover15) | 10 comments 'Sweet.' She says smiling 'so tell me about your horse.'

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