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((Have fun RPing))

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Henry walked into the lodge, reporting for work. He was told he was supposed to find someone named Chloe. He turned to a random girl and tapped her shoulder. "Do you know who Chloe is?"

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Crissy walked up to Henry and said."Hi"

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"Hey, are you staying here?" Crissy asked.

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"Oh, I work here."

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"Cool so are you going to learn how to ski?"

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"That's cool, well Henry and I are teachers here so mabye one of us will teach you."

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"Hey Cloe, I think your room is ready. I'm Chrissy by the way."

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"Oh!" Henry had been off in his own little world. "I'll have to catch up with her later... she's been assigned one of my students... How are you, Chrissy?"

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"I'm good. You."

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"I'm alright." He nodded and saw Chole come back downstairs. He hurried to her before she could leave again. "Hi, I'm Henry, and I'll be your instructor. Sorry I didn't say anything earlier."

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Henry laughed a bit. "Whenever you're ready."

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His grin widened. "Well, you're not ready. You're not geared up."

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Henry cocked his head. "Well, I'm not good with scheduling sessions. So," he pulled out a pen and grabbed her hand. "You just give me a call whenever, and I'll most likely be open to it."

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He finished writing his number, smiled, and turned away, going up to ski himself.

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Henry waved and went to his room, getting his gear, and going outside. He went to the starting point of the high level cliff and went.

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Crissy got her gear and went skiing((I spelled that wrong))

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