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Willougby and Wickham
Noirfifre Noirfifre Sep 07, 2012 08:55AM
Do you see them as the same character?

No, actually. Very similar, maybe, but not really the same. Wickham is always lying to get attention. He's one of those people who always has to be pitied, and always has to be in a worse situation than anyone else. Willoughby, as far as I can remember, just laughed his troubles away. The way Wickham treats Darcy is, therefore, very different from the way Willoughby treats Brandon.

Also, Willoughby is more... romantic, I guess. Wickham is more subdued, as Elizabeth is more subdued than Marianne. Perhaps Wickham was more romantic when he eloped with Lydia, but soon after he was bitter.

It's an interesting question, but they have their differences. Maybe they're the same character type, but they are different people.

Yes, and not only Willouhgby and Wickham, but Henry Crawford and Frank Churchill also fit the same mold as characters: lively and charming, pleasing and seductive, but roguish to some certain extent, with Frank Churchill being the least objectionable 'rascal' and perhaps George Wickham the worst of them. Jane Austen seemed to consider this male personality type as the most dangerous kind of 'snare' for her females to contend with, their ability to flatter and please belying deeper deficiencies in principle or character.

L Sep 15, 2012 04:44AM   0 votes
They are certainly alike and are both symbols of some sort of libertine life that excites emotion but scorns the "real" values of life: truth, sense, sense of responsibility and compassion.

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