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Rachel Downey Animal Farm is a political story an allegory. Well written story about totalitarism.

Meels "Totalitarianism", and I whole heartedly agree. It was a great book. I think that people that don't like it (my sister) just don't get it.

Coalbanks Orwell could have written it with nothing more in mind than attacking the failed socialist/Communist revolutions of Russia & Spain but he went one step further & turned it into an attack on & a warning against totalitarianism of allshapes & sizes. And that is the mark of his genius.

Cloudcover Since the fall of the USSR, Animal Farm(and 1984) seem to have a "that could never happen" quality to it. I think we forget that there is still Communist states out there. If nothing else, Animal Farm could stand alone as what happens when people come to power and how they abuse it.

Coalbanks The ANIMAL FARM template can be applied to any totalitarian regime, communist, national socialist, fascist, some so-called democracies. Apply it to the USA of slave days, pre-civil rights days and see how well it fits. I believe that it would fit most societies in some aspects, ie, immigration, refugees, aboriginal people, women. Here's an idea for a new game? Apply the ANIMAL FARM template to a society & see how well it fits, 1 point for each "fit", the player who guessed closest to the final score is the winner. Enjoy!

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Yes, same with 1984. I love how it has a SURFACE "about the communists" quality--and THEN the generic nature of the regime hits just hard enough to get the point across that it doesn't matter what u call it, what you package it in, the only REAL (not spoken or parroted) ideal behind such a regime is control of those below by those above. They are reminders not to assume that what the regime calls itself (Communist state, Christian nation, animal farm, big brother) has any significance beyond an empty label slapped on there to make it look like there is some kind of agenda beyond control of the masses. THERE ISN'T. They don't believe in their own yappy creed/mission statement beyond what it will get them.

Robin i didn't like their credo, four legs good, two legs bad. But who made the pigs in charge. With a name like Napoleon, I did not care for the Leader. And it is chilling at the end, when the pigs and humans drank together, and you can't tell either one of them apart. Terrifying story.

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