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message 1: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) Has anyone else been reading her cookies?

I'd love a discussion on the February just released one! Thoughts??

message 2: by Rees (new)


I love the cover.
If you guys don't know yet. The cover for City of Glass is Sebastian! .. I heard it was. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I always find myself screaming after each one! Especially after the Jace and Clary ones.

I love them. Too bad there won't be anymore.. Oh well at least the book comes out soon.


message 3: by Rees (new)

Rees oh
except I get mine from a podcast.

message 4: by Brigid ✩ (new)


message 5: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ dang ... first the gemma doyle series ended. then twilight ended. percy jackson's about to end. and now mortal instruments too??? NOOOO!!! what will i have to read after may?! GAH!!

message 6: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) She said she may do a "mini" one in March...but the book comes out in March...woot!

message 7: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) She's starting a prequel series -

Cookies will start for that in April!!

message 8: by Rees (new)

Rees i know!!!!
looks like I'll have to find new books to obsess over yet once again.

message 9: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ ooh okay kewl

message 10: by Malena (new)

Malena (thefieryheartnz) Thank you Sophie for the cookies link!

message 11: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) Wake and Fade by Lisa McMann...not as obsessive but very good on their own...I adore the premise.

message 12: by Panda (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments NEED MORE COOKIES!

message 13: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) Here's an Outtake posted yesterday -

Outtake 15 — a scene that no longer takes place in the book. A very, very
altered version of it still exists. Clary and Sebastian are looking for a
certain place after having been guided by a certain person's instructions.
Also, Clary hates horses — that doesn't change.

Apparently there was only so long you could actually stay terrified for;
eventually, whatever was going on, the human mind started to relax. Or so
Clary decided after about an hour or so of neck-jolting dash across the
countryside. Walls of green foliage whipped by on either side, giving way
every so often to improbably beautiful vistas: frost-blue glacial lakes,
green valleys, gray mountains, silver slivers of river and creek flanked by
banks of flowers. There was no sign of human dwelling — not a house or a
cottage to be seen. Eventually the gravel road itself gave way to dirt and
then to rutted mud. The horse slowed down to find its footing and Clary
started to breathe again. She was almost beginning to enjoy the ride when
they crested a hill and Sebastian pulled Wayfarer up short.
"But how…" His voice trailed off. "Where is it?"
Clary twisted around in the saddle and stared up at him. His expression was
blank, bewildered. "Where is what?"
"The Manor." His voice rose. "It should be right here!"
She followed his gaze. Ahead of them spread a flat plain of silvery-green
grass. Wind rippled it in a series of discrete lines, like fingers raking
through long fur. Far away, Clary could see a line of darker green: trees,
backed by hills in the distance.
There was no sign of any kind of building. The place looked as if human
beings hadn't come near it in years.
"Well," she said. "It's not."
"I can see that." It was the first time she'd ever heard Sebastian sound
angry. He slid from the horse's back and walked to the edge of the hilltop,
staring. He looked down at the map in his hand and then back at the
emptiness ahead and swore. Balling the map up in his his fist, he threw it
hard — a gust of wind caught it, and carried it down the hill.
"Sebastian!" Sliding down from Wayfarer's back, Clary limped toward him on
legs that felt like cooked spaghetti. "It's all right."
"I don't get it." He was shaking his head. "There's nothing wrong with my
map. The warlock must have been trying to trick us."
"Why would he do that?"
"I don't know. Sometimes warlocks like to mess around with Shadowhunters."
He bit his lip.
Clary thought of Magnus' smile. He'd really seemed as if he did want and
expect her to go to the Manor. If his intention had been to mislead her,
then he was playing a truly fathomless game. "Maybe something's happened to
the Manor."
"To a whole building? Besides, this place looks as if no one's been here in
"Please don't be upset," she said. "Look, we'll come back, with a better
map. Tomorrow, even."
The wind had picked up. It blew strands of his dark hair across his face. He
gave a rueful smile, "Thanks. Sorry, I ought to be the one consoling you.
It's your mother we're trying to save. It's just that I thought if I could
help you, you might —"
She raised her face to his, puzzled. "I might what?"

message 14: by Panda (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments Sophie wrote: "Here's an Outtake posted yesterday -

Outtake 15 — a scene that no longer takes place in the book. A very, very
altered version of it still exists. Clary and Sebastian are looking for a

OMG! never seen that one before! thank you sooo much. looks like Sebastian needs a tisue for his isue :D think he'll get more mad latter in the book? he seems too perfect in the other cookies, maybe he's going to end up hurting Clary...

message 15: by Sophie (last edited Feb 23, 2009 01:03PM) (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) I think Sebastian is going to be a cool foil to Jace. My hope is that he and Jace will be on more equal footing...and that Sebastian can really present some competition for Clary's affections.

At least that is my hope. Simon was never quite there. You know, always the best friend, kind of thing. But, a viable competitor for Clary - File Under: Things That Would Truly Tick Off Jace. LOLz.

message 16: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) Here's a postcard from her Book Tour for she put it "I like the way Jace is glaring at Sebastian like Sebastian just scuffed his favorite wingtips or something."

message 17: by Panda (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments Yeah your right, Simon had nothing on Jace, it was annoying when he was with Clary (brr...dark times) but it was fun seeing Jace get jealous like at Magnus's house.

So if he acted like that over simon imagin what he's going to do if he see's Clary kiss Sabastian! fun times ahead ^_^

I liked the picture!! lol it was so Jace to death stare Sabastian, Angel fight!

message 18: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ lol. i'm sooo excited for this. omg. ^^

message 19: by Sophie (last edited Feb 23, 2009 04:39PM) (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) Pandaink wrote - "So if he acted like that over simon imagine what he's going to do if he see's Clary kiss Sabastian! fun times ahead ^_^ "

I can hardly wait!! He's going to be uber-snarky, to say the least.

message 20: by Panda (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments less then 27 days to go! *Roars*

message 21: by Rees (new)

Rees LOL

yeah I don't know, there has to be reason for Sebastian. Like he can't just be a love interest for Clary. It wouldn't be as interesting. There has to be a catch. Where's the scandal? The twist and all? If that's all CC had planned for him, I'd be disappointed.

What if....
HE was actually Clary's real brother. That would throw everything out of porportion.

message 22: by Panda (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments OMG! what a twist!!!

That would be a VERY interesting turn of events, Clary would be so over it the second time around i bet by then she wouldnt be surprised if Simon turned out to be her bother too LOL

message 23: by Malena (new)

Malena (thefieryheartnz) Yes yes yes!!

message 24: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) Rees wrote - "What if HE was actually Clary's real brother."

That would be good, indeed!!

message 25: by Panda (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments did you know that Sebastian's last name is Verlac?
Sebastian Verlac <3

and what do you think about his real sister the one that was Kissing Jace in one of the cookies. *screams*

message 26: by Sophie (last edited Feb 24, 2009 01:44PM) (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) Mhmmmm...a nice complex web indeed!

I don't think Sebastian will turn out to be her (Clary's)brother tho'. Wasn't Aline a cousin of Sebastian's...I could be remembering incorrectly.

message 27: by Panda (last edited Feb 24, 2009 01:56PM) (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments Yes i think your right Sophie, they said somthing about that in Chapter one when they said they would be staying with the lightwoods cousin...(i think got to re-read it-_-) if anything he might turn out to be a cousin. on the other hand Jace was kissing that girl...and if she was his "legal" cousin...

this boy has an unhealthy pattern.

funny idea still (if Sebastian was her Brother):)

message 28: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) LOLz...kissing cousins!!! "This boy has an unhealthy pattern" indeed *grins*.

message 29: by Rees (new)

"unhealthy pattern."
Everyone is like related in this book.

message 30: by Panda (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments LOL! Yes, a pool of incest love.

Just read the cookie and found somthing that mind numbing. have you guys read this part?

The roar of the collapse faded slowly, like smoke dissipating into the
air. It was replaced by the loud chirruping of startled birds; Clary could see them over Jace’s shoulder, circling curiously against the dark sky.
“Jace,” she said softly. “I think it’s over.”
He drew back slightly, propping himself on his elbows, and looked down at her. They were close enough that even in the darkness she could see herself reflected in his eyes; his face was streaked with soot and dirt, the collar of his shirt torn. “I lost the short sword somewhere,” he said. “And the stele’s broken.”
“It’s all right.” Without thinking, she reached up, her fingers brushing lightly through his hair. She felt him tense, his eyes darkening.
“There was grass — in your hair,” she said by way of explanation. Her mouth was dry; adrenalin sang through her veins, and not just because of the danger she’d just been in. Everything that had just happened seemed less real than what she saw in Jace’s eyes.
“You shouldn’t touch me,” he said.
Her hand froze where it was, her palm against his cheek. “Why not?”
“You know why,” he said.

OMG! i think he must be a angle and their both flying while their having this moment. there seems to be alot of ideas that point to Jace being a real angle.

cant wait! heard theres going to be a small cookie next month before the book comes out ^_^

message 31: by Rees (new)


not only an incestuous pool but also a pool of gayness... I SCREAMED AND CRACKED UP IN THIS COOKIE.
(for the next couple of comments for today, I'll be posting my favourite cookies)

Jace looked at him steadily. “What’s between you and Magnus Bane?”

Alec’s head jerked back. “I don’t -- there’s nothing --”

“I know better,” Jace said, forestalling him. “I’m not stupid. You
went right to Magnus after you talked to Malachi, before you talked to
me or Isabelle or anyone --”

“Because he was the only one who could answer my question, that’s why.
There isn’t anything between us,” Alec said -- and then, catching the
look on Jace’s face, added with great reluctance, “any more. There’s
nothing between us any more. Okay?”

“I hope that’s not because of me,” Jace said.

Alec went white, and drew back, as if he were preparing to ward off a
blow. “What do you mean?”

“I’m not stupid,” Jace said. “I know how you think you feel about me.
You don’t, though. You just like me because I’m safe. There’s no risk.
And then you never have to try to have a real relationship, because
you can use me as an excuse.” Jace knew he was being cruel, and barely
cared. Hurting people he loved was almost as good as hurting himself
when he was in this kind of mood.

“But I do —”

“You don’t,” Jace said. “Fine. Go ahead. Kiss me right now.”

message 32: by Rees (new)

Rees I think this is my ultimate favourite cookie!
I found myself hyperventilating after it.

With nothing else to do, Clary had gone to bed, but sleep had remained stubbornly out of reach. She kept seeing Valentine in her head. The way he had turned to her and said, If you knew the truth, you'd keep your mouth shut, for your brother's sake if not your own. The secrets she'd learned weighed heavily on her mind, and she wished there was someone besides Jace that she could tell them to. Under all these anxieties was the fear, constant as a heartbeat, that her mother would die. Where was Magnus?
There was a rustling sound by the curtains, and a sudden wash of moonlight poured into the room. Clary sat bolt upright, scrabbling for the seraph blade she kept on the bedside table.
"It's all right." A hand came down on hers—a slender, scarred, familiar hand. "It's me."
Clary drew her breath in sharply, and he took his hand back.
"Jace," she said. "What are you doing here? What's wrong?"
For a moment he didn't answer, and she twisted to look at him, pulling the bedclothes up around her. She felt herself flush, acutely conscious of the fact that she was wearing only
pajama bottoms and a camisole—and then she saw his expression, and her embarrassment faded.
"Jace?" she whispered. He was standing by the head of her bed, still wearing his white mourning clothes, and there was nothing light or sarcastic or distant in the way he was looking down at her. He was very pale, and his eyes looked haunted and nearly black with strain. "Are you all right?"
"I don't know," he said in the dazed manner of someone just waking up from a dream. "I wasn't going to come here. I've been wandering around all night—I couldn't sleep—and I kept finding myself walking here. To you."
Clary sat up straighter, letting the bedclothes fall down around her hips. "Why can't you sleep? Did something happen?" she asked, and immediately felt stupid. What hadn't happened?
Jace, however, barely seemed to hear the question. "I had to see you," he said, mostly to himself. "I know I shouldn't. But I had to."
"Well, sit down, then," she said, pulling her legs back to make a space for him to sit at the edge of the bed. "Because you're freaking me out. Are you sure nothing's happened?"
"I didn't say nothing happened." He sat down on the bed, facing her.
Her chest tightened. "Is there bad news? Is everything—is everyone—"
"It's not bad," said Jace, "and it's not news. It's the opposite of news. It's something I've always known, and you—you probably know it too."
"Jace," she whispered suddenly, and for no reason she could identify, she was frightened of what he was about to say. "Jace, don't —"

message 33: by Panda (last edited Feb 25, 2009 04:25AM) (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments OH-MY-GOD

I've read the last one before but not the Gay love one!!!! that was such a good one where did you find it Rees????? (must be heaps i missed T_T)


he keeps kissing everyone he's related to, doesnt even care if its a chic or guy LOL

Funny Jace

message 34: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) Jace is hysterical when he's hellbent and determined -

Jace knew he was being cruel, and barely
cared. Hurting people he loved was almost as good as hurting himself
when he was in this kind of mood.

“But I do —”

“You don’t,” Jace said. “Fine. Go ahead. Kiss me right now.”

message 35: by Malena (new)

Malena (thefieryheartnz) *jaw drops*

message 36: by Panda (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments i bet Alac was like

"NO i cant kiss you!" but i really want to XD
"Dont be silly Jace!" not in front of people maybe in the bathroom?

message 37: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) LOLz. are on a roll "not in front of people maybe in the bathroom??"...yes, so Alec.

message 38: by Panda (last edited Feb 25, 2009 06:22PM) (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments LOL true, Alac would of been having trouble breathing at that moment. thinking **OMG!!! HE KNOWS I LOVE HIM!! CANT BREATH....**

But really thinking about Allac, i dont think he would know what to do with Jace if he had him finally. could just see it now..

Alac comes home to find his room dimly lit with candels and Jace siting on his bed just in his boxers with his beare gloden chest exposed with a rose in between his teeth.

J:"hey baybay" giving Alac a come hether look
A: "umm.." *BLUSH BLUSH BLUSH!!!* "Hi Jace...I'm ah home" standing as far away from jace as possible trying to think about things that would get him less excited. like mundane sports
J: gets up and stands next to Alac causing Alac to become like wall paper "I've been waiting for you, i thought we could do some fight training" and hits Alac with the full force of his hot a grin
A: feeling the room is very small with Jace's face an inch from his. then his room starts to spin. blood rushes to his head. "ah.." he manage to say
J:takes him into his arms "okay truth i missed you Alac, cant stop thinking about you, i know it's sudden but i want you bad man"
A: has over heated and fainted in Jaces arms
J: "Alac?...." O.O??????

the end

so as you see, it wouldnt work cause Jace is too much man for him anyway, Jace might be mean but he's telling the truth that Alac just likes him cause it's safer then having a real relationship.

message 39: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) Okay, I'm LOL-ing way too hard now. You should write fanfic!!

It's what Magnus tells Clary - Jace is a fantasy unfulfilled and safe for Alec. If he actually had that fantasy in front of him (love the boxers and rose!!!), Alec wouldn't act on it. I don't think. He'd realize that what he wanted was in front of him the entire time - Magnus.

Some of us are like that in love, we need to be hit in the head with both the fantasy and the reality options. Fantasy rarely lives up to the expectations that were set. Rarely. Not in the long run. My experience, anyway.

message 40: by Panda (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments Pandaink **blushes** awwwww nawww! your way too kind. butif i write one you'll know about it :)

"He'd realize that what he wanted was in front of him the entire time - Magnus."

so true, i read this Woody Allan line yesterday that say
"Men try to fall in love with the women they are attracted too, and Women try to be attracted to the men they fall in love wid"

so sooner or latter Alac will will finally see that he had the love of his life all along <3

message 41: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) Love Woody Allen. He "gets" it.

But I do love the struggle Alec feels. Unrequited love...feel free to jump in with the quote *giggles*.

message 42: by Panda (last edited Feb 25, 2009 06:55PM) (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments LOL

no, for me the interesting thing about Alac is his other relationship with Magnus, Jace is the only thing that stops him. i like when he was about to tell his parents. (and he gets knocked out!)

you just gave me an idea sophie to open a kinda fanfic our group writes the story?? with the coments and every one continues on...(thinking out loud) have no idea if people would do it...kind of like some one starts and everyone else continues the story in the coments...what do you guys think?

murcy, i'm kinda new to goodreads dont know what other groups do ><;;

message 43: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) *claps hands* love that creative surge!!

And as an aside - I do love when Alec almost tells his parents...and I know, I want him to realize his love for Magnus. I have a soft spot for that warlock as I'm sure most of us have as well.

message 44: by Panda (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments Yayyyy i'm not crazy ^_^

going to start a topic then and see who bites, *bliss*

yeah! you should write in the fic topic the love that Mugnus Deserves! go team Mugnus and Chairman Meow!

message 45: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) Love Chairman Meow...

message 46: by Rees (new)

Rees Magnus is awesome.
He's so queer it's funny.

Pandaink.. the site is called
check out the forums and CC book news.

LOL. I just noticed everyone is stuck on the gayness. Not on the Clary and Jace bit.

message 47: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) Well, we could go back to Jace and Clary...easy to you go an outtake #8 -

CC comment - This one's short, but I think you'll like it. It no longer appears in the book, and someday, after City of Glass comes out, we can discuss why.

Clary drew his hands away from her body, and held them, trapped between her palms. He could have pulled away if he’d wanted to, but he didn’t; he just looked at her. His face was flushed, his mouth set,his eyes darkened to a hard metallic gold.
“Please, Jace,” she said. “Please, don't.”
Her hands were trembling; she knew he could feel it. If he kissed her again, it would be all over. She would do whatever he wanted.

message 48: by Panda (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments OMG *blush*

message 49: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral (sophieriggsby) See...we'll blame Rees for that one *winks*...that brought it back, eh?

message 50: by Panda (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments I hope that they figure that sister bother thing early cause i want there to be alot of good Jace+Clary Moments ^_^

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