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message 1: by Petter (new)

Petter Avén | 96 comments I think my chosen topic title is rather self-explanatory, so let's get right into it! How prominent and potent do you want the Force to be in your Star Wars stories?

Crystal Starr Light (CrystalStarrLight) | 19 comments I honestly prefer it when characters rely more on their brains and wits than the Force. I found in the Dark Nest Trilogy (particularly Book 2 & 3), the Jedi seemed to use the Force for everything--to check up on friends and family, to move minor things, and to somehow "stick" to walls. In my opinion, this makes them too superpowered (particularly the "Force Stick" ability, which made me think only of Spiderman).

Obviously, the Jedi need to be shown using the Force, but I prefer a little bit less--unless it is going to be a plot point (i.e. Luke is using the Force too much, growing too close to the Dark Side).

message 3: by Vee (new)

Vee The force is simply a tool to achieve a means to an end. Embrace it. There's no such thing as too much Force! (Please note, this is said in my Darth Bane voice with much disdain. Of course, you must acknowledge your own personal limits.)

However I should note that I really did appreciate the juxtaposition of Jax Pavan, a Jedi Knight who did not wield a strong command of the Force compared to Kajin Savaros (Coruscant III: Patterns of the Force). And of course the Force user with extreme power, Galen Marek. Star Destroyers beware!

message 4: by Petter (new)

Petter Avén | 96 comments To me it's important that the Force and its users don't dominate too heavily. It's fine if they figure centrally in individual novels, but I think there is more to SW than that. On average there can't be more than a few Force sensitives from every populated world in the Galaxy! Making Force users and their abilities rarer in SW fiction will make them come across as more special. I think that is one of the great challenges that authors face when writing SW; how to measure characters' strength in the Force and how they use it. Readers pay attention to that.

message 5: by Robert (new)

Robert Barker | 11 comments I have never been much of a fan for the Jedi, Sith or the Force. There have been times that I have liked it when Yoda would talk about it. For all of the struggle between the Jedi and the Sith, the galaxy was really saved by the ordinary citizens that banded together to end the Empire.

That might be why my favorite stories have been the X-Wing and Empire series.... stories of ordinary people.

message 6: by Steven (new)

Steven Bakewell | 11 comments I found that the Force unleashed was just way to over the top, a solid grounding within the force like "Luke" is just right in Star Wars canon.

message 7: by Andrey (new)

Andrey Myself, i love it when the Force is present, but not dominating. That is why i love the bounty hunter stories, or the X-Wing books. It is mentioned rather often, but rarely, if ever, used.
The books just seem better when the force does not rule them. But then, sometimes it is extraordinarily special and beyond fantastic. I.E, death of Anakin Solo.

In gaming, it is always fun to fling people around with the force, but when the force is not too prominent, typically the game is far more involving and difficult.

So, force=good, but in measure. Like fine wine and...yeah. Bad analogy.

message 8: by Spencer (new)

Spencer (Spence77) | 1 comments Personally, I think about the Force powers of like, say, Ahsoka, would be good for me. The Force is not totally the battlewinner, it's more the skill and talent of Jedi/Sith

message 9: by Trevor (new)

Trevor Koehler | 1 comments personaly i think there is no such thing as too much force unless you over use it overusing it will end up in hate at those thaht dont let you use it only useing the max when you need too leeds to well you geet the point it all depends on when and how you use it so if you use it the right way you will most likely end up in the light side if the force use it for evil you will most likely end up on the dark side of the force so it deppends on how well you can controll it so if arent wait... i just got off track well. the poit is it depends on what is in the story... jedi vs. sithe =lots off force bounty vs. jedi/sith=medium force ??? vs ???= low force soo ya

(sorry if i got off track)

message 10: by Karasu (new)

Karasu (Karasu_Yozara) | 7 comments I love the Force, but to me it does seem to dominate certain parts of SW. If Force users are so rare, why can't there be more Han Solo's or Chewbacca's in the story?

But for those who do use the Force, I don't really feel like there can be too much until they cross to the Dark Side.

message 11: by Lynx (new)

Lynx | 31 comments I agree that users of the force shouldn't use it so much that it's like a superpower. On the other hand, the characters shouldn't use it too little.

message 12: by Tristan (new)

Tristan | 14 comments The force is cinduf like a superpower but on the other hand its not....I agree with Elena.

message 13: by Stephen (new)

Stephen (Skuldren) | 12 comments As long as there is a balance between stories with some have very little if any Force use, some heavy, and some in the middle, I'm fine. I love variety more than anything.

message 14: by James (new)

James | 2 comments I wish they just kept the force to what was shown in the movies. They've pushed the bounds in the Expanded Universe to the point where the Jedi are near god-like, deflecting turbo-laser blasts, slamming down Imperial Walkers, "flow-walking" through time, and in general just becoming superheroes.

Luke should be the greatest Jedi not because of his power levels but because of his moral center.

It seems like even Jedi Knights and Padawans are hilariously overpowered now.

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