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message 1: by Mayra (new)

Mayra (Kaligurl_7) | 32 comments Mod
Are you guys as excited as i am that the new season is starting soon? i cant wait... the last season was really good. but im also sad bc i heard there only doing 8 seasons wich means we only get one more after this one :( what do u guys think?

message 2: by Luigi (new)

Luigi Scerre (luigiscerre) | 12 comments I was excited before it started and I'm much more now I watched the first 2 eps ! Finally the show got back to its roots and its great quality ... this season's gonna be EPIC !!

message 3: by Mayra (new)

Mayra (Kaligurl_7) | 32 comments Mod
yeah i think this season is going to be good.... did u not like the last season?

message 4: by Luigi (new)

Luigi Scerre (luigiscerre) | 12 comments Yes but I think it was a lower level than the others ... this one is very very good instead ! I really LOVE the Dexter / Isaak speeches and all the mess with Debra :)

message 5: by Mayra (last edited Dec 08, 2012 01:08PM) (new)

Mayra (Kaligurl_7) | 32 comments Mod
yeah it thows me off a bit, that in the book shes known and on the show she just found out

message 6: by Mayra (new)

Mayra (Kaligurl_7) | 32 comments Mod
So the series ended, what did you think?

message 7: by Luigi (new)

Luigi Scerre (luigiscerre) | 12 comments Well, I was not really satisfied. Whole season wasn't great. Always hoped it ended with Miami Metro vs Dexter (maybe with them winning and him dead). Btw final was very emotional, especially when he brought Debra on the boat.

message 8: by Mayra (new)

Mayra (Kaligurl_7) | 32 comments Mod
Yeah i wasnt to happy either, i always thought they'd discover what he was up to, and maybe even understand that he went after those that the law couldnt prosecute for lack of evidence....
oh yes it was i cried, from the moment he start talking to her in the hospital all throught the boat scene

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