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The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven
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Tierra Encantada | 76 comments Mod
The deep longing of young men to be warriors emerges in several stories. Why? What is the particular freight of this desire for Young Indian men? What fuels their desire? What frustrates its fulfillment?

Julio Rodriguez | 9 comments In the story "Because my father always said he was the only indian who saw Jimi Hendrix play "The Star-Spangled Banner" At Woodstock." ALexie states "my generation of Indian boys ain't ever had no real war to fight. The first Indians had Custer to fight. My great-grandfather had World War 1, my grandfather had World War 2, you had Vietnam. All I have is video games.' I feel that many of the Indians on the reservations earned there respect or a form of recognition. Victor and his friends never had fight in a war, and go through what they did.I feel that they want that urge to feel like A HERO and make them know what it feels like to be successful, and be reconized. They are frustrated to reach success but they try and cut it short and take the reward without fulling what needs to be done.

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Antonio Lopez | 12 comments Like julio said in "because my father said he was the only indian who saw jimi hendrex play "the star-spangled banner" at woodstock" victor and his freinds never experienced war and all its pain coverd in glory and rememberence.They erge that feeling to be sombody.But they have no war to fight.

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Antonio Lopez | 12 comments So they try gloryfing themselves in other ways or dream.In "the only trafic signal on the reservation" Alexia explains how victor is jelious of how good julius is at basket ball and how he is glorifed for it.

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Augusto Rodriguez | 14 comments that they wanted to be recognized and they felt frustrated to do something to feel that recognition. but some of them had it easier and like antinio said victor is jealous of how juliius is at basketball

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Nadia Sandoval (Nadiiia) | 11 comments I feel that many indians feel unworthy compared to there ancestors because many of them were along back in the old days when there was nothing to do besides tradition cook, clean, dance and help. in the story Distances it talks about how many indians want to be known as stron leaders to impress women, in this story in specific it says "there is this woman i love her name is trembler dancer" it talks about how they are urbans and there are at least a dozen left they are the city indians who survived and made there way out to the reservation after it fell apart. many indians on the reservation feel very un worthy because of that exact reason that many have a lot to show for, but alot of them stive to fullfill more than just visions.

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Mikey Trujillo | 9 comments They think that they are tough and but they don't know how the war is except in video games they wanna be recognized for actually fighting in the war. They are frustrated because they feel like no one recognizes how the war really is and how touch and crazy it can be. Like the quote from the text " because my father said he was the only Indian who saw jimi hendrex play" the star - spangled banner"At Woodstock"

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Lauren Schwartz | 9 comments A couple pages into the chapter " Because my father always said he was the only Indian who saw Jimi Hendrix play "The Star-Spangled Banner" at Woodstock" His father says " I don't know why you're feeling sorry for yourself because you ain't had to fight a war." Maybe they feel the need to be warriors because they have it so easy and it's kind of disrespectful to their ancestors to complain even though they never had to go to war or have any other problems.

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Carlos Garcia | 11 comments The younger generation doesn't have to suffer and deal with all the same stuff there elders did they basically get there stuff handed to them

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Bianca | 12 comments I send her my light bill and tell her I don't ever want to see her again.

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Tala | 10 comments I agree with nadia that most indians do feel unworthy because in the book it says "indians who lived on the reservation when it happened,can never marry urbans". And I think the reason victor feels unworthy is because he is in love with an Urban girl.

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Erik Enriquez | 5 comments I feel that since past generations of Indians have faced harder problems like the world wars, young Indians have had an empty sense of fulfillment in really proving their manhood. Since their ancestors always had to prove themselves in the eyes of the tribe, they feel a desire to follow tradition but are frustrated since there is no opportunities in modern Indian lives. From great hunters and gatherers to the now stereotype of drunken idiots. My opinion would be that these young Indians see ancestors as role models and stereotype Indians as a failure to accomplish manhood.

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Carlos Garcia | 11 comments The wanting of young warriors is because thats what a representation of the people on Rez. All the young men want to to is party. Drugs and parties fuel there desire more than tradition. That people in modern day society see Indians as failures in society.

Yazmin S | 10 comments I agree with tala that the people on the reservation feel unworth

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Erice | 9 comments i agree with tala and yazmin because living on a reservation would limit what you can do and limit your religion and you culture, for me that would make me feel unworthily of being called an indian. They want to fight for what is theirs, their beliefs and culture. In their culture a part of being a man is being a warrior. Being on the reservation limits and frustrates their desire to be a warrior/man, along with this is the fact that they are fighting a perception of the drunken/lazy indian.

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William  | 10 comments Comment to Carlos - the drug is tradition

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