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Angela (anj-neophyte) Name: Christian 'Ian' Michaels

Age: 19

Gender: Male


Personality: He is reluctant to make new friends but has a hidden adventurous steak. Drawns to danger and cannot hold his alcohol. :) He likes to read and listen to music and visit galleries in his free time.

Other: None

History: He is a only son of a politician. Used to live in a extravagant house until he decided to live by himself since he graduated from high school a year before. He is now studying in a community college taking up a major in English Literature.

JusAnotherGirl*~*ThisBeatUpWorld (JusAnotherGirlThisBeatUpWorld) | 1 comments First Name:Aurabelle(Angel)
Last Name:Richards

Appearance:Angel has brown wavy hair that hangs past her shoulders and is often kept up and out of her face.She has warm violet eyes that seem to welcome anyone.She has a slim body and weighs only 79 pounds.She is often smiling and is very outgoing and it shows through her eyes.
Personality:Angel's emotions are buried deep under a shell made over her heart and soul she believes no one can break through.Deep down Angel is a loving carefree girl with a lightweight heart made for loving and forgiving.She buried that feeling years earlier.She used to always laugh and make jokes but has been broken and barely talks.Like a broken doll.

Family:Her sister Mandy
Backstory:Angel never had the fairy tale life she always wanted.She had a messed up life that no one should ever have to deal with.Her life was something you would see in a murder movie,the exact opposite from a fairy tale.Her mother was sweet and took care of the girls.Her father was always drunk and never gave a crap about anyone.He would abuse and beat the girls.He would often even hit her mother.Her father once got in a fight with her mother and she told the girls to hide under the beds.As they did what they were told her father pulled out a gun and her mother dropped to the floor.Dead.Cold and lifeless.Her father shot himself 3 weeks later.Once Angel turned 13 her sister disowned her and left to live with her most recent boyfriend.Angel was left in a house with bloodstained carpets and no one to lean on.An orphanage found Angel roaming the streets and took her in.The orpahanage wasn't any better than her father.They beat and bruised.A family had adopted Angel for about a week until the parents got into a 'fight' and gunshots were fired.She was moved to a new family where she has lived ever since.Both parents work all day,so she barely gets to see them.

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