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message 1: by Harmony (new)

Harmony | 3 comments Name: Faith Emory (prnounced Eeee-Mo-Riee)

Age: looks 17 is 560

Gender: female

Grade and/or Job: she has graduated high school and is working on being a nurse.

Personality: very calm and serene most of the time. but when shes angry shes like a bull in a china shop. she can be loud, crazy, fun, and slightly psychotic.

Looks: she chnges her appearence frequently with her gift but recently she looks like this

Your Mark:
Family: most of them deceased. the rest she doesnt know.
History: TBRPd

Creature : is a shapeshifter but likes to be a mermaid.

message 2: by ❖ĎĔĂĎĹŶ◆ŦĹĂМĔŚ❖ (last edited Sep 06, 2012 07:32PM) (new)

❖ĎĔĂĎĹŶ◆ŦĹĂМĔŚ❖ (DeAdLyFlAmEs) | 5 comments Name: Carnage (Cletus Kasady)

Age:20-25 (not really know, does not age due to alien symbiote)


Grade and/or Job: Unknown

Personality: Cletus Kasady was a mentally unstabled serial killer who briefly shared a cell with Eddie Brock. When Eddie broke out, he left a part of his Symbiote behind, and Carnage was born. Using the abilities of his new symbiote, Cletus created a long history of slaughtering people and being put in jail for it. Many of his adventures involved Venom and Spider-Man, whom he believed to be his mortal enemies. During one such stint in the Raft, a mass breakout occurred, and The Sentry was activated by Tony Stark. Carnage was flown into orbit and ripped in half, seemingly being killed. Years later, in an attempt to recover Kasady's symbiote, his body was captured, and he was found to be alive. Given cybernetic implants for legs, Cletus eventually recovered his symbiote as well and remains at large.


Your Mark:


History: Long forgotten

Creature : Alien sybiote host/ mutant

message 3: by [deleted user] (last edited Sep 07, 2012 02:12PM) (new)

Name: Lucy Maria

Age: Looks~17 Actually~300

Gender: Female

Grade and/or Job:

Personality: Lucy isn't afraid to take risks and loves adventure. Lucy can sometimes be snobbish to the people she doesn't care for but nobody is perfect, she is fiercely loyal to her friends. She would give anyone a helping hand or an ear if they need it. If you're sad, she'll cheer you up. She will make you laugh and help you get through the hard times in life. She always seems to be trying to be happy, and usually manages to find something to laugh about.

Usually, she tries to see the best in people, which can tend to get her in to some trouble. Although at times she just gets fed up with people and can snap. She loves photography and nature and loves being outside. She won't back down from her problems and faces them head on. Lucy's smart and when she needs it, has a sharp tongue and can be quick in comebacks.

She's always pulling some kind of prank though with her friends and loves teasing them. Lucy does have the problem of being brutally honest and that also gets her into trouble with a lot of people.

She can seem to be a bit bipolar and has somewhat of a hard time letting people in but if she trusts you and respects you then she's a totally loyal friend.


Your Mark:

Family: All dead

History: ((Work in progress!))

Creature: Shape shifter

message 4: by Harmony (new)

Harmony | 3 comments can we start?

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (TheLovelyMsEls) Name: Selena Cartier

Age: 18 but is really 500

Gender: Female

Grade/or Job: Unknown

Personality: Selena is more a bit outgoing than she rather cares to admit. She will go with anything till the point where it becomes to dangerous where she can't even handle it herself. She sometimes does not act her age. But to her she feels that way because she does. She'll never admit what her fun is unless someone comes along the way and interests her. She rather is the very helpful type of person and tries to show it the best way possible. Her helpfuness sometimes gets out of hand. She rather have friends and such than not. It hurts her to be all alone and not show it at all. Sometimes her loneness is the thing that hurts her the very most. She is playful and will show it no matter what. Almost always flirtious and shows it a whole lot no matter what.


Your Mark: in her right inner wrist

Alexander Cariter-Brother
Elizabeth Cariter- Sister
Marybeth Cartier- Diseased
Maxwell Cartier- Diseased

History: ((Working on still))

Creature: Witch

message 6: by Rinji (new)

Rinji Name: Kyle

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Grade and/or Job: Senior

Personality: Shy, keeps to himself, good hearted though and smart. He is willing to help others if they ask for it.


Your Mark:

Family: None they all died in a car accident.

History: He doesn’t remember much of his past. Since the accident he only remembers that he had a little sister who adored him and parents who nagged on him to finish school.

Other: He is a Wizard.

message 7: by Angela (new)

Angela (anj-neophyte) Name: Xander Grey

Age: 489

Gender: Male

Grade and/or Job: Senior and Librarian Assitant

Personality: Prefered to be alone at times but he likes to have some fun once in a while. Some times he lapse in to nothingness leaving him staring into vacant spaces. He likes to read and he believes in everything can happen and does for a reason.

Looks: http://pencilpillow.files.wordpress.c...

Your Mark: ((Is this okay?))

Family: A big brother, Jonathan

History: He and his brother are both Vampires but their parents died in the epedemic in their time. since then they've been together until Jonathan decided to linger in Paris than be with him in the school.

Other: He is a Vampire.

message 8: by Angela (new)

Angela (anj-neophyte) ((Thank you!))

message 9: by Joshua (last edited Sep 09, 2012 07:48AM) (new)

Joshua Pruitt (jppruitt) | 6 comments Name:blair(pipsqueak) Age:16 Grad:freshmen Personality: blair is the youngest and smallest member of a pack of werewolves that mostly stay northern east coast of us. A bit shy at first but easy going and very anxious to prove himself.Hoping to one lead a pack of his own.Loves his hair(alot) Looks: Mark: Family :A mid sized pack no mom Marcus is the alpha and a litter you pack mates History:A younng little guy with dreams of ambition he left the pack in hopes to better himself and become the best he can to one day come back and challenge for leadership of his pack. Other:he is a were

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