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message 1: by Spencer (new)

Spencer Goot | 1 comments Spencer Goot | 1 comments Your homework over the weekend, is to write a review of the best book you read over the summer. Since part of the point of this assignment is to get you to share good new books with each other YOU CANNOT WRITE ABOUT CATCHING FIRE.

Choose any other book that you read this summer and do the following steps. If you can't think of a book from this summer you want to review, you can choose a different book AS LONG AS YOU DID NOT READ IT WITH YOUR CLASS. Make sure you choose a book you remember very well.
1) Give a basic plot summary of the book. Who are the main characters and what is the main conflict they're involved in? Don't tell us everything (we might want to read it too!) but give enough information to make someone interested.

2) Explain what rating you gave this book and why you gave it that. It is NOT ACCEPTABLE to simply write, "I gave this book five stars because it was fun to read and the characters were interesting". Point out some specific things about the book that affected your opinion of it.

This is an example I wrote from a book I read this summer. Please read it so that you have an idea of what I'm looking for:

Summer Reading - Winesburg, Ohio

My favorite book from this summer was called Winesburg,Ohio. It was written in 1919 and it's a collection of short stories about a small town. It's about the isolated lives that the people in the town all live in. Most of the people there dreamed of a different life from the one they now lead.

There is the farmer who wonders if his life would have been better if he hadn't married his wife. There is a former teacher who got chased away from his old town because of a scandal even though he was innocent. One of the most memorable stories is about a man who is intensely religious and is obsessed with the hope that God will reward him by giving him a sign that he has been chosen. He is so convinced that God will speak to him and his grandson that he takes a baby lamb into the woods to slaughter it as a sacrifice to God. Things don't go according to plan, however, and he is forced to question himself and his actions.

In a way that's what the whole book is about, characters questioning and doubting themselves. It's about all of the frustrations and disappointments people face and the always present worry that they have wasted their lives. The one bright spot of hope in the book comes from the character based on the author. He is a journalist and he discovers the only way to escape the desperate people of the town is to leave and tell their stories to the world. All of the characters in the book are well crafted and their pain and struggles are believable. Reading this book makes you realize that there is more to people than just what they show on the surface. I strongly recommend this book and give it the highest rating, five stars.

message 2: by Marc (new)

Marc Jefferies | 4 comments I recommend the star wars trilogy to read. I really enjoyed reading those books because for one, I love star wars. Also it has alot of good action sences that really make the book ingaging. The book has bounty hunter, assasins, legendary killers, empires. It has alot of different pieces in the book that make it a grade*****.

message 3: by Fernando (new)

Fernando Medina | 4 comments I recommend you read the book The Outsiders by S.E Hinton. The book takes place in a really gang heavy place where this group of friends lives. They themselves are part of their own gang called the Greasers. They are in their own little battle against another gang called the Socs. They are rivals that are divided because of wealth. the Greasers are poor and the Socs are rich. The main character then wants to break away from his home to escape the gangs along with the youngest of the members. Things slowly take a turn for the worse and a tragedy happens. The book is incredible and I rate it a perfect five stars.

message 4: by Hawa_Tunkara (new)

Hawa_Tunkara (LenoraHysalAlanoar) | 3 comments I recommened the book Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan. The book is part 2 to the Kane series. This book is a fantasy adventure novel based on Egyption mythology. Modern day fourteen year old Carter Kane and his thirteen year old sister Sadie Kane go on an adventure to save the world from the chaos serpent Apophis. Sadie and Carter are decendants of the House of Life. They have some power under there control, but they haven't had enough time to master it fully. These two main characters may have their differences in personalities, however they must work together if they want to save the world from eternal doom. This book is a real thrill ride and i recommend it to anyone. This is why i rate this book five stars.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I recommend the book Forever by Judy Blume . The book is about a girl named Katherine and she meets this really nice boy named Michael and they started dating in there college years.Katherine problem in the book is that all her friends were'nt virgins and she was the only virgin but she didnt want to rush her self.I think the message in this book is don't let your friends rush you into things you don't wanna do.I rate this book a five star because its incredible and you'll learn important lessons about growing up

message 6: by Samantha (new)

Samantha | 2 comments I recommend the book We Have Always Lived In a Castle. The book takes place in Black Wood Castle. In the book the castle the sister have lived in there whole entire life is all of sudden haunted and killing the family, the sister first think its an accident but they come to notice one of them is a cold blooded killer. This is a good book it keeps you wondering whats gonna happen next who gonna die now. I give this Book **** Because its a page turning book.

message 7: by Ousman (new)

Ousman Camara | 2 comments I recommend the book, "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck. This is a story of two men who are very poor they try to gain money but obstacles come in there way. they ran away searching for a new life but life is not easy for them. This book is very motivational and is for readers who aren't afraid to put down a holiday book and read real books. And, for that I rate this book 5 stars*****.

message 8: by Saiyara (last edited Sep 10, 2012 06:00PM) (new)

Saiyara Tazul | 2 comments I recommened the book "Darkest Hour" by Meg Cabot.The book is about a girl named Suze who is a mediator that helps solve peoples conflicts. As of one that is a 19th ceentury ghost that wants to find her fiance Jesse. Yes ! that same Jesse that Suze has fallen for. She then cant decide whether to help herself. or help Maria.By helping Maria will she lose Jesse forever and never see him again... I rate this book five ***** because its an amzaing and interesting book that shows you sometimes need to take responsibility and choose the best choice there is.

message 9: by Skye:] (new)

Skye:] | 3 comments I recommend the book "By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead"
by Julie Anne Peters because it is a compelling book about a teenage girls and her struggles. She tried to kill herself by swallowing alcohol and ruining her vocal cords.She is a neck brace and can't talk. She has no friends and she is a total outcast. She is pressured by her parents everyday because of that. Then she found a website for suicide people and she reads their stories and gets ideas. So she decides that she wants to go through with it and she has 28 days to kill herself.. I rate this book a 5***** . It was amazing

message 10: by Luis (new)

Luis Rodriguez | 3 comments I recommend the book Graceling by Kristin Cashore. This is about a girl named Katsa who is a graceling, a child born with an extreme skill. You can tell who is a graceling by the color of there eyes. Katsa has one green eye and one blue eye and is graced with killing. Or as she later finds out, her grace might just be survival. Katsa is forced to work as the kings thug, killing and torturing his opponents. She ends up falling in love with Prince Po from one of the other kingdoms. Now she is targeted by the king hiding across the kingdoms and is soon faced with a problem that could be the end for all 7 kingdoms.

This story is basically about doing whats right and finding out who you really are. This book teaches us that no matter what the situation, if you know its the right thing you should do it. This book sets a great example along with a great twisting plot and distinct characters. This is why i would rate this book five stars.

message 11: by Nicole^._.^ (new)

Nicole^._.^ | 2 comments I recommended the book called Half The Sky.This book is about global issues. its talks about trafficking ,brothels, religions.this book shares many stories of women all around the world.the women talk about problems in there countries and bad experiences that they have been though.There was this one story about a women named Srey Neth she had been forced to work in a brothel as a prostitutes one day a man had bought her for her to be free she had taken an HIV test and she was positive for HIV later on she met a mad who truly deeply loved her she lived with him and she got pregnant.she began feeling very ill and looksed like she had full blown AIDS she was very sad she new that she was putting her unborned child and her husband in grave danger she had tooken an HIV test again but this one was more advanced. she tested negative for HIV she was very happy and relived.

this book tells many stories on what women have to overcome in there lives and many other issues around the world that should be resolved.this is whyi would rate this book 5 was amazing.

message 12: by Michael (new)

Michael Jimenez | 3 comments I recommend this book names Locomotion by Jaquelin Woodson. this book is about a young boy and his name is locomotion and when he was five he suffered in a fire accident watching his parents fighting for their lives. Locomotion watched them as they died and while he saved his little sister life and himself. Locomotion lives with his foster family, which is her mother and brother. Her sister lives separate from him and had his own foster mother. In school he really loves to write poetry so much he really impresses his teacher. As he learns the truth, no matter how much he loved his family, he also loved his foster family on how they really treated him with respect and care and sometimes he still talks to his mother and father.

This story talk about how no matter what happens in your life, if it's something really bad and you regret it, you just keep moving on and try to block those bad memories and be someone happy. I rate this book four stars because it was really something i was going through with my family and it really taught me how to put a smile on my face every day when i wake up and come to school and just really enjoy my life as fun as i can. this is the reason why i rate it four stars.

message 13: by Gary (new)

Gary Hamilton | 3 comments I recommend this book If I Grow Up by Todd Strasser. This book is about a boy named Deshawn who has to make difficult decisions. The decisions is education or being in a gang. He chosen to be in a gang. Where his life can be detained for life in state correction facility. Starting from his early life and how was life in his neighborhood which influenced him to be in the position of making decisions.
This book teaches a long life lesson. On making good decisions which benefits you. The plot was amazing. It was jaw dropping. That left you on the edge of your seat. Wanting to read more and more. That is why I rate this book a five out of five.

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