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=== ((Did u read charcters and Important? I dont think u did...))


She up at sky, she was going to be taken up 2 the Zenix headcorters.
but, she will never submit to their ways.....

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=== ((RP PEOPLE!!!!!!))

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Hubear | 47 comments ((k,k))
(Zathura)hi you must be the new kid they brought in huh?
yeah pretty tough being th new kid don't worry you'll being Zenix!
Im Zathura and you will do fine in the Zenix HQ

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=== (Andramada) oh hi... ummmmmm
*Looking nervous*

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Hubear | 47 comments (Zathura) dont worry about a thing, you'll be fine with me, we will go through training together and that starts in 10 minutes. Better suit you up into a suit, those outside clothes look disgusting!

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Maria (mriakhn) (Seirra) Oooh...the new girl! Hey, don't worry about a thing. We zenix are wonderful at training new people! Your gonna be an awesome Zenix really soon!!! Just stick close to me...i'll help you out!

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=== (Andramada) Thanks.... I guess... Where do I sleep?

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Maria (mriakhn) (Seirra) Well, just go to your counselor! She'll tell you where to sleep. hey, why don't i go with you? Maybe your counselor will let you get a bed near me! That would be sooo nice!

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=== (Andramada) OK..... sure....

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Maria (mriakhn) (Seirra) Come on!!! What are you waiting for?

(Very quickly grabs Andramada's hand and pushes her toward the counselors office...a very rude manner but she is all smiling)

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=== (Andramada) ...

<"Strange"> She thought.

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Hubear | 47 comments "Welcome to your first day of ZEnix training, don't worry being a Zenix isn't a bad thing, being Zenix is a honor. It means you are superior to everyone else. Dosent that make you happy?" Zathura asked. " Anyway your are in the same class as me and Seirra. Come Hurry up!" Zathura called to Adramada as she and Seirra ran down the hallway.

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=== (andramada) I didn't know Zenix could actualy be NICE...

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Hubear | 47 comments "see that is what people take us for mean people. We are really nice to our fellow Zenix but mean to everyone else. That is the Zenix motto." Said Zathura as she opened a door in the hall. "Here, welcome to class." She told Andramada.

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=== (Andramada) My mother never told me that...

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Maria (mriakhn) (could somebody please delete FMA's comment above)

(Seirra) Your mother never told you what?

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Maria (mriakhn) anyways...come on! Miz Lisa will be so mad at u if u are late!

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=== (ok sure)

(Andramada) all right...

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Maria (mriakhn) Let's Go!


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Hubear | 47 comments Sorry we are late Miz Liz, we were getting our new recruit stiuated into her new life style of hatred.

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xXRossiya AruXx (biggestanimegeek) | 353 comments Mod
(paramore RULES!!!)

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