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message 1: by === (new)

=== irst make a list and fill it out like this one:

Alien Name: Andramada
Earth Name: Fern
Power: shapeshift(turn into anyone and anything)
can see/talk to dead
Gender: Female
Personalty: funny, serious, allways discounts humans, smart,
despriction: White skin, silver eyes, white hair, 5 ft tall, ghostly apprence, allways wears light blue,

* NOTE * please do this BE4 posting on rp, or ure comment WILL be deleted.*

message 2: by Hubear (new)

Hubear | 47 comments Okay should i now be a different charcter
like a Zenix friend of yours that helps u escape?

message 3: by === (new)

=== cool! fine with me!
then we cn add ure and other persons ccharcters as we move on!

message 4: by Hubear (last edited Feb 02, 2009 07:00PM) (new)

Hubear | 47 comments okay then
Alien Name: Zathura
Earth Name: Tiana
Power: Flexibility(able to strech far)
Gender: Female
Personalty: very little humor, mostly serious, wants to be in the Zenix planning embassy(where they make the plans to attack and all the stargety stuff)
Description: Tannish skin, peircing ice cold blue eyes, black hair up to shoulders(mostly tied in braid) alwasy has Zenix clothing on no matter what

message 5: by Maria (new)

Maria (mriakhn) I can be either a person that tries to catch u or like Hubear...we'll see! :)

Alien Name: Sierra
Earth Name: Jessie
Power: Animism (can change into any type of Animal for 5 hours at most!)
Personality: Likes to enforce Zenix rules and can be very mean about it :P. But very very nice to people that do follow Zenix rules. A true Zenix. Does not like to kill traitors. Instead likes to toture. But she has no say in this cause she is too young!!!!
Description: Stick RED hair, black blazing eyes, about 5' 2"...smirks so much it seems that when smiling she's kidding :D

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