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This sucks, he needs a dad!

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(( is it ok that I started a new topic?))

Amy sobbed into her pillow. Her bf had just left her for her ex-best friend and her mom was trying to be her best friend. She was mad at that alone and the fact that Steve dumped her didn't help. She hated the world and everything in it. Her mom tried to comfort her but amy just slammed the door in her moms face. " y doesn't anyone get me!?!?", she angrily yelled at her door. "hold up a sec, maybe I'm all wrong bout this" amy told herself. "maybe I can find a better guy than Steve." I need to or who be the father of my baby if Steve won't?
((Steve got amy pregnant and left when amy was 6 months pregnant))

Billy  Mays (Caitlin) | 546 comments Mod
((omg that sounds like me...without the pregnant part))She wiped the tears from her eyes and squeazed them shut. She knew she still loved steve
no matter if they go into a huge fight, she would always love him. she ripped the dresser drawers right off the cabinet. She sobbed loudly and threw the pillow at a picture of her and steve at their high school yaht prom

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her mom banged in the door demanding her to come out. She just screamed at her and kept sobbing

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she plopped down on her bed and sobbed into her blankets

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She finally decided that she was done crying. She was going to go out into the world and do something with her life.

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she opened her door
"honey! lets talk!" her mom cried
"no mom," she pushed past her

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Amy charged out ofbthe house and ran down the street. She walked into time square and stopped. She suddenly realized what she had gotten her self into

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she shook her head, i have to do this! i have to move on!

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but I can't my feet to move! Uggghhh this is harder than I thought!!

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gyaahh! stupid me!

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........ Here we go..... Left, right, left, right...... Breathe!!

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people stared at her and she ignored them

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Itnwasnt easy multitasking this much and carrrying a baby!!

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maybe her family was cursed. Her mom, her sister, herself; they had all gottne pregnant at a young age. her sister at 13! Her mom at 17 and herself now at 17 also

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(( caitlin, her sister got pregnant at 13?!?! U have a sick mind!!!))

Billy  Mays (Caitlin) | 546 comments Mod
((i noe of someone who got pregnant at 12, i mean I possibly can't do it))

Billy  Mays (Caitlin) | 546 comments Mod
((not saying i wanna))

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((oooohhh i bet u wanna!! lol jk))

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maybe her family just had bad luck

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Or maybe they are all.... Different

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yeah, that was it. different.

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they were all hot too, or in their eyes they were

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her mom looked like pamela anderson. her sister looked like j-lo and she looked like angelina jolie. it was kind of a surpirse to hear that they were related

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her sister had a baby already (as previously stated) and was coming from oregan to get her through it. She was 18, and her son was 5 already, most people thought she was his sister.

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since she didnt want ppl knowing that it was her son she agreed and said it was her little brother

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She arrived at the airport and Amy went to pick her up. "Hey Jackie," she said to her sister. Harrison came up and patted her baby bump. "Amy! you have a baby amy!" he said.

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amy smiled,"yes i do, ur gonna have a cousin"

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"is it a girl or boy?" he asied. " I don't know yet, we are gonna find out today," she said

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harrison smiled and played with his toys

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"So who's the father?" Jackie asked. Ever since Jackie got knocked, she has been way more responsible. " A guy named Steve. I just..." "Why'd you do it, if you didn't love him enough to?" she said like a serious mother. Amy started to cry

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jackie patted her back,"its ok amy. i went through the same thing"

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" like i said i didn't wanna its peer pressur."

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amy sobbed

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Jackie took Harrison to Amy's and mom's penthouse

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harrison went up to jackie's old room and played with his toys

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Jackie drove her to her appointment

Billy  Mays (Caitlin) | 546 comments Mod

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((oh nvm))

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amy was in the waiting room, fidgeting around

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The nurse called amy in and jackie followed. They sat in the room in silence. The doctor came in and asked amy how she was today. " aren't u a little young to be pregnant?" " I'm..... I'm......" amy studdered.

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"yes, i am," she mumbled shamefully

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Jackie rushed tobher side to protect her. She flat out asked the doctor if the baby was a girl or boy.

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the doctor shrugged,"i dont know yet. the baby isnt fully grown yet,"

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"well ur supposed to know!! Your the doctor!!!!!" amy yelled. " sorry, she has mood swings

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the doctor backed away,"miss, u have to wait. thats just the way life is,"

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Well I don't like life!!!!

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jackie pushed amy out the door

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Amy cried all the way to the car

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jackie rolled her eyes

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" I remember mood swings all too well..." jackie mumbled

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