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message 1: by Cait Sith, I am Yu Tendo Deal with it (new)

Cait Sith Fairy (WillowKeeper) | 122 comments Mod
The Mountain

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 31 comments Demeter stepped onto a boulder, surveying the area.

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Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 29 comments Kata's leg swung back and forth on a tree.
" Shall we begin? Or would you like to know your arena more...? Remember, the world is our arena now."

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 31 comments "The whole world is our arena. That is our strength, being able to battle my best anywhere." Diablo glinted in the sun as she took it out, as well as the launcher. "Aren't you going to come down?"

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Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 29 comments He landed gently on the ground, as if the wind itself helped him down.
He took out his launcher, as well as Infinity Icarus.
He loaded the launcher with the Bey.
" Shall we? "

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 31 comments Demeter nodded. "3" She held the launcher out.

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Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 29 comments " 2 " He as well.

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 31 comments "1. Let it rip!" Diablo was unleashed again, letting the dark energy wash over everything. This should be fun.

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Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 29 comments "-Rip. " He said in unison with her, releasing Icarus at the same time as Diablo.
Kata observed the battle, as Icarus moved oddly.
It moved it no pattern, in any way. It turned, and circled, and arched, but never attacked.

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 31 comments Diablo sighed shortly You're giving yourself away by not making the first move. I'm not taking the bait Demeter chuckled "He's right."

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Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 29 comments The corner of Kata's lips curved into somewhat of a smile, but soon faded.
" This should be fun. "
Icarus stood still, humming with rotationos speed. The odd part you might ask?
It was in mid-air.
It's blade, and second "Wings" Under the blade were more outstretched than before.

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 31 comments "Not going to do anything? Are you just going to fly around?" Demeter asked softly. Diablo moved around in a blur lazily, as if waiting.

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Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 29 comments " If you wish so..." Kata closed his eyes.
" It's not very abstract to begin the battle with a move as this, but... Special move; Eternal Dive. " Icarus flashed green, at turned sideways, then proceeded to dart into Diablo with remarkable Speed, and Strength"
(( Sorry, I had to help getting the groceries in the house.))

message 14: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 41 comments Matt watched them from a distance already knowing who was going to know.We need to trainFang told him."Ok."Matt nodded.He launched Fang and fang worked on endurance.

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 31 comments ((Ah, helping is nice.))

Diablo mimicked Icarus' moves with ease, like a mirror. "Much more interesting." Demeter's eyes followed the darting beys with her eyes

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Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 29 comments Icarus, what was just barley on the ground, proceeded to make meta-circles, and the Upper wings retracted, and the lower wings stuck out even more. This gave Icarus tremending speed, and defense, an odd combination, but at the expense of large attacks.

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 31 comments Demeter grinned. "Diablo... Left rotation," End before their very eyes, Diablo Nemesis switched to left rotation, which only one other bey had been known to do, L-Drago. But, if you had looked closely, Diablo Nemesis was the most unique bey you could find, made up of the same properties as other beys. Diablo increased it's speed, darting around.

message 18: by Cinderia (new)

Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 29 comments (( BRB, Supper, sorry. ))
Kata observed this phenomenon, as Icarus pulsed green.

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 31 comments ((Kay.))

"Not something you see everyday, now is it?" Demeter laughed a little.

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Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 41 comments Fang went around speeding up and attacking rocks.

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Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 29 comments "Certainly not..." He closed his eyes.
"Icarus, fly." And flew, it did. High in the sky, so much so, that the cloud set up the stage, soon lightning was danceing, and thunder was singing.
" Eternal Storm Dive. " He announced.
The energy of the storm flashed green, and Icarus shot at Diablo like a green lightning bolt, while not even the origonal dancers could keep up with it.
The wind was so intense, they could hardly breathe.

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 31 comments Diablo absorbed the energy, and it was sent back into Icarus. I am your sky... The darkness was all over now, the clouds, the wind, the lightning, where tainted with the pulsing Dark Energy. Diablo Nemesis' Beasts appeared, circling around Icarus from above, below, and all around. Demeter was surrounded with the pulsing Dark Energy, but it was intertwined with her powerful Bey Spirit, casting a spectrum of light and dark.

message 23: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 41 comments Matt grabbed Fang as Fang came back to him."We need to get away from here.He said moving away.

message 24: by Cinderia (new)

Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 29 comments You say you're a sky...That's funny...Because you look like hell itself...

" That's a powerfull Bey, maybe too powerfull for it's own good. Take a closer look. Icarus is no normal Bey either, the way it's shaped, and Icarus being a stanima type, Diablo is scratched up pretty badly. But I suppose you won't mind the battle continueing... You haven't minded amplifiing the extreme conditions of the storm. So I guess it's all going to be alright. " Kata said, sarcasticlly, but still blankly.
Icarus's four wings out-and instretched strainuosly, and shimmered. It appeared behind Diablo, and hit it once hard, then shimmered, hit, shimmered, hit, shimmered, hit, again, in no pattern.
Their is no sky that is a ceiling to my flight. If you are the sky, then I would fly higher than you.

message 25: by ♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (last edited Dec 13, 2012 06:45PM) (new)

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 31 comments How can you fly... When you have no wings?

Diablo used all the absorbed energy from the attacks and restored itself, no scratches or dents or any thing otherwise. He hit Icarus before it shimmered, shattering it's "Wings". While Icarus was wounded, Diablo flew up and pounded Icarus straight into the mountain itself. Demeter spoke, Diablo's voice with hers " We are one in two. Power comes from within. And true power is when you can control it "

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Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 29 comments Kata's Green eyes flashed a brilliant Blue.
" Have you heard the story of Icarus, and Daedulus? When Icarus flew too high, the wax melted on his wings, and he fell to the ocean. That makes your power the sun, and the ground the ocean. Icarus never stoped flying however, he flew all the way to the stars. And now he flys in my Bey, for an Eternity, he never stops flying. I gave him the lesiure of flying through the sky, the sun, and the ocean. Because we will fly higher, no matter how many wings we have. Four, two, or none at all. "
Icarus pulled in the blades wings and spun faster, the energy ring twisted, and Icarus spun faster, and finally, it jumped high above Diablo, only a green twinkle in the darkness.
" We won't ever stop flying higher. "

message 27: by ♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (last edited Dec 13, 2012 08:08PM) (new)

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 31 comments A dark chuckle. " Oh, child, have you ever heard of the god Nemesis? She was sealed away by Zeus, and very hard task indeed. Nemesis is not to be played with. I can give you bad luck, little boy. I can take away your dreams. " Diablo spun in place, unaffected by the blows, and a wave of immense power hit Icarus, shattering it into pieces. " I have shot the flying bird " Demeter cleared her throat as Diablo came to her. "Game over." The Dark Energy vanished as Diablo was put away.

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Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 29 comments As Diablo was put away, Kata looked up.
" Was she blinded by the wind? "
No, we just flew higher.
The most interesting part about Icarus, had to be the preformance Tip. It was smooth, and pointed. There is no ' Bad habitat ' For it. It also took all hits, no matter the dammage it took, it spun, faster, and faster. Was Icarus almost destroyed? Yes. Was the Preformance Tip, Bolt, and Power Bolt all still conected, and spinning? Yeah. Kata walked over and picked up the indivisual peices, like the wings, and blade. Even the little peices, not even bothering to stop Icarus. I mean, the wind made it spin faster. And it was floating above the clouds. That was the part that tipped everyone off.

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 31 comments Diablo had had enough. You can't beat a god if you're the son of a foolish king Diablo shot straight up, bursting through the coulds easily, up to the Heavens. You limit yourself to the sky, because that is only where you can fly. My home is in the Heavens, Olympus. Only the gods and wander there. Diablo was like a dark comet, distant in the stars. How can you fly to the stars when you roam with clouds? Diablo had disappeared from sight.

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Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 29 comments Kata almost chuckled.
" That's funny. Considering Icarus decended from the stars to fly in form again. He flew through the heavens once, as did all Bey's. To think you're special by flying in the heavens is foolish. "
Icarus slowly landed.
Because we will fly...For an Eternity...
" Yeah... "

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 31 comments Are you stupid? I can return to the Heavens. I can go back and forth as I please. Its only my right to do so. Besides, flying forever is no special feat. To think flying forever is special is very much laughable. If that's your only special trait that is very pitiful. Besides, I won and almost destroyed you. The only reason the little parts kept spinning was it's pitiful will to do something unimportant. Your bey's energy was past the point of working. Swallow the defeat. You fell from flight. Diablo was back in Demeter's hand, from the Heavens right back to Earth. No wonder... Diablo's laugh echoed slightly. Demeter yawned. "Well, I'll be off then"

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Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 29 comments After Kata had picked up all the peices, Demeter had already left.
A boulder fell from the mountain.
" Icarus. " Kata muttered.
Of course.
It jumped, and shattered the boulder.
" You think they thought we were talking about physical flying? "
" That's almost sad. "
Kata chuckled. He out the pices in a pile, and Icarus spun to it. The indivisual peices flashed green, and Icarus was as good as new, save a few scratches.
" Did you really have to shatter yourself?"
Eternity is a long time. Even for gods.
" True. So what do we do now...? "
You can rest. I shall fly.
" Very well..." kata lyed down.
Icarus' wings extended, and flew off.

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Khalid Abdullahi | 1 comments Daiko walked with heavy steps upon the rocks, when he decided to train.
"I can't get stronger by walking all the time..."
Without hesitating, he took up his launcher and his bey, Thunder Triclops as well. He then looked around for the biggest rock to use for his training and chose a very great one that looked like a pillar. He prepared his bey and decided to destroy that rock by completing his new Special Move, Giant Thunderfall.
"3,2,1, Let it rip!"
He then launched Thunder Triclops against the rock. His objective was to get launched high up in the air, high enough to use his new special move. He tried by launching Triclops against some other rocks with high speed, but failed to get high up enough and lost the number of places to lauch up in the air.
"Come on, come even higher, Triclops!"
He didn't stop trying for a very long time, but never got enough high to launch his new move. It was getting dark though and he took back Triclops and looked up to the sky, dissappointed and tired.
"I'll just have to continue... then, sooner or later, I'll complete it!"

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