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Sep 2012: Cthulhurotica > Gods of the Night Series Discussion (May Contain Spoilers)

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message 1: by Vicky (new)

Vicky (librovert) | 493 comments Mod
Discussion for the entirety of Gods of the Night by Nina Bangs.

Eternal Pleasure (Gods of the Night, #1) by Nina Bangs Eternal Craving (Gods of the Night, #2) by Nina Bangs Eternal Prey (Gods of the Night, #3) by Nina Bangs

Spoilers are allowed but please be considerate of those who may not have read the entire series and mark any major spoilers with spoiler tags.

Hidden spoilers like this (view spoiler)

Can be created by removing the "*" from the following line of HTML:
<*spoiler>Insert Spoiler Here<*/spoiler>

Feel free to start another thread for a book or topic within the series if you want to have a more in depth conversation about something specific!

message 2: by JoAnna (new)

JoAnna | 26 comments i just picked up eternal craving from the library, i think this one is centered around Al. i can't find the final book anywhere in my county library system!!

message 3: by Fi (new)

Fi Miller | 75 comments It's funny, I don't imagine any of the Eleven looking like the men on the covers of the books.

From what I've read about them on Goodreads it seems like they're just carbon copies of the first book but with the different characters - Al and Utah.

I don't think I'll be reading them but I'd like to see what other people think about the series >_<

message 4: by Felicia, Grand Duchess (new)

Felicia (feliciaday) | 740 comments Mod
I want to read Fin's for some reason, no interest in any of the other guys.

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