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A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)
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Jon Snow

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Seed | 64 comments There is one simple reason why Jon Snow is probably not dead: No major character in the series so far has died from their own POV, prologue and epilogue aside. The only person to accomplish this feat is Catelyn Stark and Beric Dondarrion brought her back to life before the end of Storm so she doesn't really count either. The only POVs who have died are Ned Stark and Arys Oakheart. Good 'ol Ned got clapped up by Ser Ilyn Payne in an Arya chapter and Arys got done in during an Arienne chapter. Bran came close in his POV, only to be found alive in another POV. So seeing as how Jon got stabbed up by all the puerto ricans at the Wall, I think there's a high probability that he's still alive.


Gianluca (GianlucaG) | 118 comments I too think that he's not (permanently) dead, but not for the same reasons. There were no other POV characters near him when his apparent murder took place, so it had to be in his POV chapters.
It's a good theory though!

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