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(This is the outside part of the camp.)

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) ((Outside?))

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(I ment everything besides the cabins.)

Percy walked out of his cabin.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) ((Ahhhh.))

Ande walked out of the Athena cabin, her blonde hair in a pony tail.

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He yawned and dove into the lake.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) Ande went to the climbing wall. She looked up at it and smiled slightly.

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He got out dry and decided to go climing, so he made his way there.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) Ande started climbing up the wall after she had plotted a course.

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He started climing

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) Ande glanced down, then looked up and started climbing again. "Hey Percy," she said.

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"Hey" He looked up to see who it was and blushed.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) Lava got Ande's shoe. She muttered in Greek. "About now, I wish I was at least a little fire-proof," she said.

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He made some water splash onto the lave. The lave hardened into a rock.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) Ande looked down at Percy. "Show off," she said but smiled.

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He smiled and climed to the top.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) Ande reached the top. She kicked some ashes off of her sneaker.

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(Do you want them to be BF/GF?)

He sat at the top.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) ((Currently or in the future? Either way, sure! :))

"So," Ande said. "how's your day been? Other than turning lava to rock and swimming."

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(Lets do Currently)

"I just woke up an hour ago I haven't had much time to do much," He said smiling.

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((can i join?))

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Jack walked towards the climbing wall.

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Percy jumped off the climing wall and landed on his feet.

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"Howdy." jack said

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"Hey" He said.

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"My names Jack whats yours?" jack asked

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"Percy Jackson," He said.

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"Percy Jackson huh?" Jack grnned "catchy"

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"It sounds like a girls name but yeah," He said


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((See ya : ( ))

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) Ace ϟI'm Percy Jackson's Brother!ϟ wrote: "(Lets do Currently)

"I just woke up an hour ago I haven't had much time to do much," He said smiling."


MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) Ande climbed down the rock wall. She stood behind Percy. "Hey, Jackson is a boy name. Ya' don't see a girl with the name Jackson," she said.

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"Thats my last name my first name is Percy and that sounds like a girls name," He said.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) "It's better than Seaweed Brain," Ande said. She smirked slightly. "Right?"

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No no don't call me that Percy's fine" He said.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) Ande smiled. "Good."

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"So sea wead brain" Jack continued

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Daniel wrote: ""So sea wead brain" Jack continued"

He glared at him.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) Ande shrugged. "I'm good with about anywhere.'

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"righ fine fine Percy."

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Izzy99 ~* I Love Books *~ wrote: "Ande shrugged. "I'm good with about anywhere.'"

"what about the sword arena or..."

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) Ande grinned. "I'm up for it."

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"Okay lets go" He said walking to the sword arena.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) Ande walked beside Percy.

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He got to the sword arena.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) Ande grabbed a dagger. She looked over at Percy and grinned.

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He took out riptide.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) ((Got to go. Bye!))

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MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) Ace ϟI'm Percy Jackson's Brother!ϟ wrote: "He took out riptide."

Ande looked at the sword and smiled. "Of course," she said.

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