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you can put cats here that need to be made for the roleplay

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an example is this:
i have a cat named Sandpool and her kit is Frostpaw.Noone has made frostpaw yet, so i can't complete the roleplay part of this.

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Deerleap-has an apprentice called Ashpaw
larkwing-has mate named Poopyseed and three kits
poppyseed-mate is Larkwing and has three kits
Leafkit-one of popyseeds daughters, has one brother and one sister
Eaglekit-only boy kit,has two sisters
Tawnyfeather-Pebblepaws mentor
mousestalker-dapplenoses mate
Silverfeather-daughter of Cinderfur and Volepelt and mother of Lillypaw and littlepaw and thrushpaw
Littlepaw-lillypaw and thrushpaws sisrer
Thrushpaw-lillypaw and littlepaw's only brother
Dustfur-Silverfeather's mate
Dreamcloud-Blacknight's brother
Voleplet-Cinderfurs mate,elder
Hawkpaw-Pebblepaw, and Stormpaw's brother,ashpaw like him
stormpaw-Pebblepaw and hawkpaw's brother
Ivyvine-elder,dapplenoses mom
Owlwhisker-elder,dapplenoses dad
Mintleaf-dapplenoses sister,Lillypaw's mentor
Robinkit(f),dewkit(f)Stonekit(m)-dapplenoess kits(aren't born yet)bother is smokekit

Dawnflower-silverstars sister and the deputy's mate
Thornclaw-Silverstars mate, crystalkit and flowerkit's dad
Mossflower-Nightpaw and Patchpaw's mom(first litter)nursed Silverstars kit's for her
jagurclaw-mossflowers brother,morningstars son(last leader)Cloudfur's son
Dustear-Rapidrivers brother
Whitepelt-frostpaw's dad
Frostpaw-newly apprenticed cat,Sandpool's daughter
blackclaw-Wrenkit's dad,pondripples mate
Dragonclaw's-Thymewhiskers sister
Phoenixtail-Thymewhiskers brother

(always go to the starclan cats folder before you make on of these cats because i'm not going to give you as much of the info the living cats get!!)
Owlspot-Riverstone's son
Gingertail-Riverstone's daughter
Nettlenose-Riverstone's mate

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if you want to make one of these cats just post,here,i want to make __________

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