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here you can put a cat up for adoption if you want to.

Here's the rules:
you can't put someones cat up for adoption, they have to put it up for adoption themselves.
if you feel someone's cat sould go up for adoption, then you talk to one of the mods. and they can deside if that cat can be put up for adoption.
if the person, who's cat was given away, comes back and wants the cat back then they get it back
if that cat isn't played by that person again for a while then the mods. can give the cat back to the person who adopted it and they can 'share' the cat or work it out between them.

if any questions, just ask

message 2: by Silverstar, The Awesome Head Mod and creater of This group! (new)

Silverstar | 96 comments Mod
How about only moderators can put cats up for adoption

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

ok, i'll change it alittle

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