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Cassidy Savage (savagegy6) | 21 comments Mod

The Story of a Ghost

“My name is Julia Farriss and I am dead. Caught in the mystical realm where spirits dwell in limbo, somewhere between life and death, heaven and earth, wandering through the shadows completely unnoticed.

There is no being afraid of the darkness, when you are the darkness.

Now, I am a mystical creature; time means nothing, days seem like minutes, years seem like hours. I will stay forever young, forever beautiful. The story of my demise and ghostly presence has run rampant over the years, my legend is well known. Please know it was never my intention to be the cause of so much attention, most of it untrue and unwarranted, I assure you.”

ENCHANTED SHADOWS is a fantasy-fable, a charming and at times chilling tale of the beautiful young woman who haunts the magnificent seaside hotel, Castillo Del Lago. After her death in 1919, the legend of the ghost in room 2003 was born.

Over the decades Julia finds herself in an interesting situation; dead, yet able to experience life through the lives of the people at the hotel. For Julia it was a rebirth of sorts, a second chance to perhaps not live life, but to absolutely appreciate it. Time may have passed her by, but she doesn’t want to waste another second.

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Cassidy Savage (savagegy6) | 21 comments Mod
Hey Guys! This is from Sidneys website,, about her new book due out in 2009. Keep checking back to her site for updates and I'll post here as well.

What do you think of it? I can't wait, sooooo excited!
I'm interested to see how she's able "to experience life through the lives of the people at the hotel." It's cool the main character is the ghost instead of someone experiencing ghost activity.

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