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((yep. Its a zoo. Sorry for not getting permission, but none of the mods were on....))

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Kent drove up to the zoo and parked. He got out of the car and looked at the entrance to the zoo. "Wow. I never expected a zoo to be this busy at night,"

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Lucy claps her hands like a child in a candy store her eyes brightening with excitement. "yea cause its amazing!" she says and hops out of the car. She grins and grabs his hand.

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Stilts the Zombie Sandwich wrote: "((yep. Its a zoo. Sorry for not getting permission, but none of the mods were on....))"

(It's ok. But next time, if we are on, please ask us. But if you are really anxious to create a topic, you may do so, but if a mod disapproves, we will delete it.)

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Kent tensed the slightest bit but hoped she didn't notice as he relaxed and his face burned red.

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Lucy smiles and pulls them forward. She stops at the back of the line and squeezes his hand softly. "My favorite part is the leopards they are really active at night" she says and looks around at all the people.

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.Kent stumbled forward, still in a bit of a trance. "Think they'll have any bats?"

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Lucy nods "probably if not in captivity then they could just fly arpund freely" she says thoughtfully. She smiles at Kent, "and owls"

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((......for lack of a better word))

Kent smiled, "I can't wait for the owls,"

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((yea but why? Haha sorry im like half asleep))

Lucy smiles "ah yes the owls" she walks up in the line and grins as they come closer. A guy turns around to look at them " owls huh?" he asks and looks her up and down. "i wouldnt mind being able to turn my head almost 360 degrees if it ment seeing you" he says and smirks. Lucy looks at him coolly.

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((lol its cos she's holding his hand))

Kent looked at the guy and frowned. He looked around like he hadn't heard what he'd just said.

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((oh...BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Sorry imma little slap happy...))

Lucy shakes her head and ignores the guy. She tightens her hold on his hand and averts her eyes from his. "maybe you should use your owl neck and turn around" she says firmly and the guy sighs. "whatever you say babe but you know where to find me" he smirks and turns back around to pay for his ticket. Lucy takes a breathe and sighs.

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((lol its okay, im like that a lot))

Kent glanced at Lucy and let her hand go momentarily to pull out his wallet and pay for their tickets.

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Lucy blinks and lets go. She looks down like she didnt realize she still had a hold of his hand and blushes slightly. "i can pay for my ticket" she protests and pulls out a ten dollar bill.

((gtg!! :((((byee))

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((aaaw! Bye!))

"No its okay," Kent said and handed her her ticket before grabbing her hand again and pulling her into the zoo.

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Lucy shrugs and follows him smiling when he grabs her hand again. She walks through the gate with him and smiles again as she sees all the lights surrounding the gift shops and small side stands. She turns to Kent and tightens her hold so they wouldnt be seperated.

((ik im so sad))

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Kent kept Lucy close as they made their way through the crowd, "So where do you wanna go first?"

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Lucy shrugs, "Might as well start with the back and work our way to the front so we can end back up here." She pulls them into a shop and grabs a map.

((What's first in a zoo?))

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((idk lol ive only ever been to a zoo once))

"Good plan," Kent said as he scanned over the map.

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((Really? Oh..never mind then!))

Lucy looks up, "well the kids zoo is first. You want to go there?" she asks.

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"Sure," Kent said and guided them towards the kids zoo.

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"Yay!" She says and leads them towards the kids zoo. She walks in and grins, "it's more like a petting zoo." She says and walks over. She bends down and starts petting a goat whose laying on a bench lazily.

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"Uh huh," Kent said as he stroked the goats head.

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Lucy smiles and brightens. "Awww a bunny!" She says and walks over to a small area with a fence around it. There are 3 bunnies hopping around and sleeping.

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Kent followed behind her and smiled, "Cute," he said, allthough it wasn't the bunnies he was talking about.

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Lucy picks up one of the bunnies and smiles, she hugs it to her chest softly running her hands down his soft downy fur. Lucy kisses his head before setting it back down in the pen. "I think I need to put him away or I will end up stealing him." she laughs.

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Kent chuckled, "I'm sure you're not the only one,"

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Standing up she nods, "yea.." Shrugging she takes his hand again and smiles, "ready to go?" she asks.

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Kent nodded and gave a small smile, he gave her hand a soft squeeze as they walked to the next animals.

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Lucy smiles and leads him to the bird house. She stops at the door and looks in for a moment before tugging open the door.


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"Think any of the birds are still awake?" Kent asked as they walked into the bird house.


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Lucy shrugs, "I don't know..the owls will be in here." She points out and wrinkles her nose. "Birds smell bad." She says before walking into the large area and looking at the giant ceiling.

((ok now brb!))

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Kent smiled and looked around the bird house, "Yeah, can't wait for the owls."

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"I think they are in the next environment thingy.." She says and blinks looking up. "This one's for tropical birds."

Lucy smiles as a macaw flies over their heads and lands on a branch next to him. He twists his head looking at them curiously.

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Kent nodded and looked at the macaw. He reached out cautiously and smoothed its head feathers.

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The macaw screeches and flaps its wings. "I don't think they are that tame!" Lucy says and smirks. The bird looks at Kent and hops farther down the branch away from him but stops and watches them again.

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Kent chuckled and grabbed the bird gently with both hands. "No, I don't think they are," he said as the bird pecked at his fingers.

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Lucy laughs and lets go of his hand. She starts down the path again and looks up watching all the birds fly by.

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Kent smiled and threw the bird into the air and watched it fly away. He turned to grab Lucy's hand again but saw that she'd dissapeared. He looked up and down the crowded paths and frowned when he couldn't spot her.

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Lucy continues wandering down the path and stops at a giant bird whose hopping from one tree to another. She cocks her head to the side and he stops and does the same.

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The guy from before spotted Lucy and noticed she was alone. He walked over to her with a small smirk, "What happened to your little boyfriend?"

Kent sighed and ran a hand through his head. He'd never been here before and was completely lost. He started walking, unsure of where he was headed.

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Lucy jumps surprised and bites her lip nervously. "what boyfriend? Hes not my boyfriend" she mumbles and glances around.

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"Oh? Is he a relative then? No, that can't be it. If I recall, you two were holding hands. If he's not your boyfriend, then who is he?" The guy asked, raising a brow.

Kent looked around some more but couldn't spot Lucy. "Crap." he muttered to himself. "I lost my date."

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Lucy winces and shrugs slightly. " best froends but not dating" she lies and watches the guy. "i told him to come here with me as a friend."

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The guy chuckled, "Sure. Whatever you say. So wherezgd he go?"

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"bathroom" she says simply and starts trying to move around the guy. "now if youll excuse me i need to go back to the other parts of the zoo

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The guy spread his hands and stepped aside, "Sorry,"

Kent sighed again. "I shoulda gotten her phone number," he muttered to himself. He shoved his hands in his pockets and kicked at a rock before looking around again.

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Lucy nods and awkwardly passes him. She starts to wander towards the inside part of the building and sighs, "wheres Kent?" She mutters.

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Did I lose her, or did she just ditch me? Kent thought as he looked around somemore.

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