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message 1: by Andre Jute (new)

Andre Jute (AndreJute) | 4851 comments Mod
Received this by private message on Goodreads.


You have received a new message on Goodreads!

xxxxx [NAME DELETED) said,


My Name is xxxxx [NAME DELETED)
I am a female, i saw your profile I became so much interested to established a relationship with you, Please kindly contact me on my email address at (xxxxx [NAME DELETED) for more introduction and my picture.



Note the
• illiteracies. What sort of a writer would be interested in an a woman whose English is so poor?
• off-Goodreads e-mail address
• Indian return address.
• what you can't note is a name carefully chosen to sound like an English rose because I deleted the name
• but written without initial capitals. Oops!

Goodreads goes to the dogs -- er, the virtual whores. There is no need to insult innocent dogs.

message 2: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (PatriciaSierra) | 2388 comments That's pretty good English for someone in India. Don't hold back, Andre. Go for it. This could be your next wife. Your soul mate.

message 3: by Andre Jute (new)

Andre Jute (AndreJute) | 4851 comments Mod
I'm not having a "next" wife. I'm not an American. I have a wife already.

message 4: by K.A. (new)

K.A. Jordan (KAJordan) | 3042 comments I get them occasionally.

I always wonder if I could sell my husband cheap...

message 5: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Valentine I get those, too. Although I've long been of the opinion that every writer needs a wife I am not convinced she is the one....

message 6: by Katie (new)

Katie Stewart (Katiewstewart) | 1099 comments I've never had one on Goodreads, but I've had two lately on Facebook. One was called John Smith. So original!

message 7: by Andre Jute (new)

Andre Jute (AndreJute) | 4851 comments Mod
Kathleen is right. Writing is a job that requires long hours without interruption. Every writer need a wife. I was fortunate in marrying the daughter of a British Army officer with much foreign service, a very capable manager of everyone else's time so that mine isn't wasted.

message 8: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (PatriciaSierra) | 2388 comments Being a hermit requires me to be my own wife.

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