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message 1: by Neysa (new)

Neysa (Papier Revue) (NeysaKristanti) Hi,

I'm a book blogger in need of book(s) to be reviewed. I'm quite a fast reader and can read a book in one day.

I'm also still building my blog, so I'm targeting the indie author (But it would be really amazing if I could reach the mainstream author)

If you're interested, I would love to do a review, interview, and giveaway (And even tour, if you have)

I'll accepted a PDF format or paperback.

Here's the link to my blog :

message 2: by Don (new)

Don Martinez (DesertCoyote13) | 21 comments I have a three-book series that I need reviews for. I have Smashwords coupons below for the three books, which will get you PDFs:

The Advance Guard: PS27S

Dinetah Dragon: WV38M

The Insurgent's Journal: FH63E

If you do all three, you'll have the opportunity to review the fourth in the series as an advance reviewer: I'll send you the PDF myself to your e-mail. Send me a private message if you want to take me up on this.

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