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Will IV Tell me I'm not the only one nearly screaming in frustration whenever Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene would meet in Tel'aran'rhiod, as they would always meet in some idiotic, easy to eavesdrop, well-known place! For the love of all things good and decent, even a child could reason that it would be much smarter and safer to meet in the middle of an open field in some random location where you could easily see if anyone else was around close enough to listen!

Ughh this almost ruined the entire book for me! I had to consciously ignore this display of idiocy from these characters in order to enjoy this book.

Neal Simmons Remember, the original reason they met in the Stone had to do with them all being familiar with the location.

Egwene would be familiar with the Aiel Waste, but Nyn and Elayne have never been there.
Nyn and Elayne spent considerable time in Ebou Dar, but Egwene has never been there.
The rebel town had too many people they might run into.
They had every reason to believe that the tower was infested with Forsaken and Black Ajah.
Two Rivers would have been too dangerous as Perrin found out.
Nyn and Elayne might have been able to use the Royal Palace, but Egwene had never been there, and it had history of Forsaken running around.

By the time they really realized how much they could do, the Stone had largely just become the default. Plus, it added to Rand's plotline in sending Mat to rescue them

Will IV Yes, but they repeatedly kept meeting in the Stone (they could have spent just a few minutes and met in a field outside of the Stone!) and then after the Stone, they would meet in other obvious locations, e.g., the amyrlin's study.

Will IV Jessica wrote: "My feelings for Egwene aside. It dose seem like someone would have realized they being a tad obvious, and suggest moving the meetings to a more secure location."

Yes, through the first book that they started meeting there it just seemed a little silly that they would meet in the same place every time while discussing urgently important matters, but by the time it got to this book, it just became absurd! Take it somewhere safer! You're in the world of dreams, you can meet pretty much anywhere!

Neal Simmons By the time they thought about meeting consistently in the tower, Nyn and Elayne had already told the secret of the angreals to the Salidar AS. That was too risky then, plus they did not know if there were any Black Ajah left.

Don't forget, Egwene was very worried about being caught by the Aiel before she went to Salidar.

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The Forsaken were suposed to be masters of the Dream world but only Moghedien spotted Nynaeve, so...

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