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Could you relate to any characters?
Amy Amy Sep 03, 2012 07:53PM
I thought this was a really good, but I was unable to relate to, or even like any of the characters. Did anyone feel differently?

deleted member Nov 04, 2012 07:28AM   0 votes
I absolutely loved this book and it may well be the best one I have read this year. I personally found much about all the characters (with the exception of Pappy) to like and empathise with. I particularly identified with Laura's longing to be noticed by Henry. Personally, I didn't find the book grim, although parts were disturbing.For me,the ending suggests hope for the future

Very compelling story. I loved this book. Best read I have had in a long time. Each character was developed in depth that I felt as if I knew them all.

I enjoyed reading this book with all the character voices for each chapter. Florence was the only character I truly respected. She was smart and strong willed in-spite of her situation.

I found this book interesting and with a great potential but not as good as I expected it to be. No, I could not relate to any of the characters except Florence.

Could I personally relate to the particular circumstances of the characters, no. But, as with any well written story, by reading it, I was brought into the lives of the people. I found the story very realistic for life in that place at that time,(yes, I was living then). But what interests me is that all people live a form of Mudbound. Some of us are strong and brave. Some of us are cowards and look down on otheers to make ourselves bigger. Some of us are heros, many are not. But MOST humans do the best they can of living honorable lives with what THEY know and believe. Is it sometimes wrong, oh yes, but isn't that how we learn as people? By seeing the wrongs, recognizing them and doing our best to change them? That is why books like "Mudbound" are essential. To allow us to look and see what needs changed and do our own best to chage our own ignorance and smallness.

the black dude who got his leg cut off b/c people are so cruel in life racists whites (not all whites) and mean blacks (not all blacks). I mean its just life.

Dee you do know it was his tongue right...not his leg
Mar 02, 2014 05:51AM
Dee whoops, and the other guy didn't have his leg cut off but he was laid up for a long time
Mar 02, 2014 05:51AM

Our book club at the public library read this book last month. We are all, I think, over 50, and the story resonated with us. It may be true that older readers empathize with and understand the characters better because they remember when life was like this. Also, several members had parents who were like Henry, who thought farming was the only real life for a man.

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There are several comments here that resonate with me: People who have been on the planet longer have had a lengthier exposure to bigotry, both overt and covert, some of it so deeply woven through the fabric of this country's history that younger people may have to pay attention to see how much of the obvious racism has only gone underground.

I thought the author did a stellar job of portraying the strengths—and weaknesses of the characters. Florence was depicted as a strong and compassionate woman who knew her own mind, didn't wait for anyone's approval, and did what she felt she had to do—my favorite kind of human with double X chromosomes or any combination thereof.

I loved this book. It was an amazing read. And yes, I connected to all.

I loved the book, but I could not relate to the characters & the attitudes they held. Yes, I know it was the time, but I have a difficult time with the idea of looking down on someone because of their skin color. I truly believe that racisms still exists in the U.S., it's just not as visible.

I found the book very interesting. Having grown up in the south can understand the situation for the time period. I find it a nice change of pace to have characters that we don't especially love but can understand.

Hi, it was quite a good book but no, I didn't like any of the characters either.

I really liked this book and it generated a lot of discussion in my book club. I think you have to be of a certain age :) to appreciate the story.

I may be in the minority but I thought of Jamie when I read this post.

I thought the writing and the structure were great, and I felt empathy toward several characters. However... it was all so grim that I turned each page a bit fearfully. There was no way it would end well.

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