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message 1: by Trisha (new)

Trisha It's that time again! Let's come up with some nominations for the next 2-3 months! Please be sure to skim through our bookshelf to see what we have already read. Also, you are more than welcome to read past books and post comments!

For nominations, please suggest a title for "Old school classic" and "Contemporary Classic". At the end of the week I will set up a poll for votes. We always have such great suggestions, I can't wait to see what people suggest this time!

message 2: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (JennyC89) I would like to nominate King Lear by William Shakespeare for another really Old School Classic. I'll think about my Contemporary Classic nomination.

message 3: by Katy, Revisit the Shelf Classics (new)

Katy (Kathy_H) | 6590 comments Mod
Wow! Lolo, that is a great list.

message 4: by Trisha (new)

Trisha Wow, that's quite a list! Just make sure that, for future nominations, you limit it to 1-2 suggestions each, that way we are not overwhelmed with choices on the polls.

message 5: by Bob, Short Story Classics (last edited Sep 05, 2012 10:24AM) (new)

Bob | 2534 comments Mod
Next month is Halloween, how about

Old School:
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley 1818

We Have Always Lived in the Castle byShirley Jackson 1962

message 6: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Carbaugh | 2 comments Great idea Bob!

message 7: by Trisha (new)

Trisha Last call for nominations! I will set up the polls tonight!!

message 8: by Kat (new)

Kat (superkatness) | 168 comments For October, may I also suggest The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Tales of Terror and Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Tales since we read Dracula last October.

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