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message 1: by Jin (new)

Jin | 229 comments Mod
I am starting this brain work game. My LA class did this a lot last year.
I will give three words and next person who sees this need to write something using these words and then they get to choose three words!

message 2: by Jin (new)

Jin | 229 comments Mod
Here is your frist three words!

Hot, Piano, Sky


message 3: by Joon, Dealer and Host (new)

Joon (JoonChang) | 248 comments Mod
I was playing my piano on a hot day. The sky was dark red. I felt very lonely. I was playing in the middle of a plain. I also felt very happy to play some music.

Food, Pokemon, demented.

message 4: by P (new)

P (preethib) | 34 comments There was once a guy named, oh wait...I can't tell you that. *cough* Raymond*cough*. He was OBSESSED wih pokemon and the only time he would take a break from being obsessed would be to eat some food. Did I mention he was demented?(jk Raymond and all friends of Raymond)

daughter, sudoku, fly

message 5: by Jin (new)

Jin | 229 comments Mod
Once, there was a woman who could fly across the blue sky. She had one daughter who she adored so much. One day, she saw book of sudoku in the middle of the floor of the forest while she was flying. She quickly grabbed it knowing that her daughter loved to do sudoku. But that suddoku had super power in it and captured her daughter as soon as she opened the book.
P.S. you can finish rest of the story.

Medal, Radio, Soft

message 6: by Joon, Dealer and Host (new)

Joon (JoonChang) | 248 comments Mod
There was a man who won a medal. He won it for making a radio. He then found a soft toy to play with because he listened to the radio too much.

Love, Hate, Kill

message 7: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) It may be cliche to say that love and hate coalesce, but there is always some sort of truth in the trite phrases we hear everyday. That was a perfect example, the interview on the evening news with a woman who had nearly been killed in an abusive relationship. Love, hate, it had all seemed the same--passion.

Feather, Moribund, Vivid

message 8: by Joon, Dealer and Host (new)

Joon (JoonChang) | 248 comments Mod
I walked down a street, minding my own business. Then all of a sudden, a feather floated down to me. I noticed all the vivd designs and patterns on it. I was impressed. I looked across and saw more feathers on the ground. It had the same designs as the feather I was holding. I looked up and saw a moribund bird. I quickly picked it up and took it to the vet. The veternarian healed the bird using her magic. The bird was healed and the it flew away.

melancholy, blasphemy, rendezvous

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