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message 1: by Stephanie (last edited Feb 25, 2009 02:45AM) (new)

Stephanie Initial New Moon Casting Calls Leaked

Here are the first set of casting calls for New Moon, courtesy SpoilerTV, who also indicate that filming starts in Vancouver during March (spoilers ahead)–


* Sam Uley: 20 years old, he is a tall, strong Quileute Indian with cropped hair and a fierce expression, he is the leader of the wolf pack.
* Jared and Paul: 17 and 18 years old, respectively. They are Quileute Indians, friends of Sam’s, with cropped hair, sleeveless shirts and cut offs. They watch Bella with ferocity in their eyes. They are in the wolf pack.
* Embry Call: 16 years old, he is a tall, thin, laid back Quileute Indian with chin-length black hair. He is Jacob’s friend and eventually becomes a wolf.
* Quil Ateara: 16 years old, he is a short, stocky, feisty Quileute Indian with short black hair. Also Jacob’s friend, he is the last one to morph into a wolf.
* Emily: 20 years old, she is a beautiful Quileute Indian with a long dark face. She is Sam’s girlfriend. One half of her face has been mangled with scars and lines and a twisted mouth and a pulled eye.
* Harry Clearwater: 46 years old, he is a stout Quileute Indian with dark braids, a protruding stomach and a kind face. He is part of the search party for Bella, and then later for the “monster” in the woods.


* Marcus and Caius: Volturi, the equivalent of vampire royalty, they are fierce killers. They are dressed in rich silk robes, each with long hair that falls loose around their face and they have translucent, onion-like white skin.
* Felix: 20’s, a stunningly handsome hooded figure with unsettling burgundy-red eyes, he is one of the Volturi guards. Felix is large, tall, and thick and very dangerous.
* Demetri: 20’s, also a Volturi guard, Demetri is slender and elegant….he is more gracious than Felix, but no less dangerous.
* Jane: A slender and petite young woman, hooded, with a Botticelli angel-like face, she is also a Volturi guard. Jane has crimson irises. Demetri and Felix are three times the size of her but are terrified of her.
* Alec: Jane’s twin brother and a member of the Volturi guards.
* Heidi: A beautiful vampire who leads a group of tourists. She gives a flirtatious smile to Demetri.

Notably absent is Leah and Aro.....–have they already been cast?

message 2: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie I'm sad to see Embry on the list...I really wanted Krys Ivorey to play him.

message 3: by Christina♥ , ♥super duper lover of TWILIGHT and oh yeah Edward is mine!♥ (new)

Christina♥  | 3132 comments Mod
omg noooo Leah and Aro!!! New Moon needs them!!!!!

message 4: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie I am pretty sure that Leah won't be in the movie because last I read she was not even written into the screenplay....and they HAVE to have Aro...I am wondering if they have not already chosen someone for him...

message 5: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie I heard that to...I hope the get things cast and ready by then...

message 6: by Massie (new)

Massie | 60 comments how culd they not hav a leah??? i think they'll get one! u need her!
yah i heard it was filming in march 2--and they rele need 2 pick up the pace w casting, like stephanie says!

message 7: by Stephanie (last edited Feb 25, 2009 02:22AM) (new)

Stephanie Heres something from today about the whole Leah thing...

The casting rumors about “High School Musical” star Vanessa Hudgens appearing in “New Moon,” the Chris Weitz-directed sequel to the massively successful “Twilight” were deflated even more this weekend when the screenwriter
for both films told People Magazine that the character Hudgens allegedly auditioned for won’t even be in the film.

Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter of “Twilight” and “New Moon,” ran into a People write at the 61st Annual Directors Guild of America Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday night and said, “I’m not sure about [final:] casting but I had heard Vanessa Hudgens was going up for the part of Leah [Clearwater, a werewolf:]. But at the moment, the part of Leah doesn’t happen until the third movie.”

Rosenberg did not rule out the possiblity of Vanessa Hudgens appearing in future “Twilight” movies, the inevitable “Breaking Dawn” and “Eclipse,” and didn’t mention anything about the rumors that Dakota Fanning has auditioned for a role.

The writer did drop a few other inside tidbits about the production of “New Moon”:

“Well, you know Taylor Lautner will be back as Jacob Black. I can tell you the original cast will all be coming back. They’re on set right now, in Vancouver! They’re all up there prepping the movie to start shooting very soon.”

Rosenberg also commented on the change in director from Catherine Hardwicke on “Twilight” to Chris Weitz on “New Moon,” “Chris Weitz directed The Golden Compass, which was a beautiful-looking film. And I think it’s wonderful we have someone who has worked with CGI animals … that will be a big part of New Moon. I’m delighted we have someone who’s so expert at that.”

“Twilight,” which stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene and Taylor Lautner from director Catherine Hardwicke, has grossed $178 million domestically. This has put the “New Moon” sequel into production immediately and has spawned a series of casting rumors. Other books in the Stephenie Meyer series include “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn”.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

NOO!! wheres aro???!! u need him!!!

message 9: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie I'm sure they wont leave him out...I dont know how they could...maybe they have already given the part to someone...

message 10: by Christina♥ , ♥super duper lover of TWILIGHT and oh yeah Edward is mine!♥ (new)

Christina♥  | 3132 comments Mod
k they better!!!!!

Leah...shes important...screw them if they write her soo pissed lol sry guys...

message 11: by Caz (new)

Caz (cazk) Weird, Jane's in there.

message 12: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie I'm guessing because Dakota Fanning hasn't singed on yet...they are still in the works...

message 13: by Caz (new)

Caz (cazk) Yeah, I hope they find someone better!

message 14: by Sharkgrl920 (new)

Sharkgrl920  (sharkgrl920) | 25 comments dakota will be good well i think. i cant imagion a new moon without aro

message 15: by Christina♥ , ♥super duper lover of TWILIGHT and oh yeah Edward is mine!♥ (new)

Christina♥  | 3132 comments Mod
i can't imagine the books with out LEAH!! aghh!

message 16: by Emma (new)

Emma | 113 comments they rnt doing leah? WAT R U KIDDING ME? NO!!!!!

message 17: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie They will...just not in New Moon because its just a really small part...I dont care if they wait as long as they dont let VH play her...

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