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message 1: by Robert (new)

Robert (robtsum) | 9 comments Mod
I think, and this may come to change, by which I mean he may not be so rigid in his thinking of "teacher" - "student," that the teacher model is uni-directional. I think, via Jacques Ranciere, that there is much more of an emancipated education that may go on,and the teacher-student model may not be at all stable: sometimes the student profoundly teaches the teacher.
I have learned much, on "how to 'be' gay" by young gay students and sexual partners: talking after or before sex. An 18 year old can teach an aging homo a lot.

message 2: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas | 5 comments Yes, I really like his examples where younger gay men teach him about camp (boyfriends and students, a connection which I am happy to see he is not too paranoid about despite the attacks on him as a gay teacher corrupting the youth). I really agree about the value of an "anachronistic" transgenerational model of mentor/mentee (Sedgwick is good on this in Touching Feeling, and Foucault's relationship to Hervé Guibert is also a great example, since Foucault said Guibert taught him so much, according to Guibert's fictionalization of their friendship in To the Friend Who Did Not Save My Life). There was one part where Halperin showed his age awkwardly by trying to use young slang: discussing the queer 1990s, he talks about a proliferation of identities including "bear, twink, emo" and he is just wrong about the meaning of "emo" in the 1990s.

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